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If you are a recent graduate or just decided to change careers then you need an entry level resume. Although it sounds like no big thing at all it may actually be more challenging to develop one than you have thought. The thing is that competition on entry level jobs today is very high as many recent graduates are trying to get a foot into the door of jobs market by getting as many interview invitations as they can possible get. The interview invitations, however, extend to those candidates only who submit quality resumes.

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It is quite possible that you have no clue how to create a resume that will beat the resumes of other candidates. Or it may well be that you simply don’t have time for that as you are engaged in academic or professional endeavors. This doesn’t mean you have to send your resume to over 100 companies in hopes of getting at least a couple of interview calls. It doesn’t save time really. Neither has it any effect.

Let us help you
Let us help you
WritingLeader offers resume writing service that can help both entry level job applicants and experienced employees. You can buy an entry level resume at our website spending no more than 15 minutes on filling out the order form and making a payment. Our team of writers will take care of everything else. While you are waiting for your entry level resume to be delivered to your account you can message the writer to inquire of the order status or even provide additional information. You should know that in case you are not happy with the resume you receive you can request a revision. Our company is going to work on your order until you are fully happy with what you get for your money.

How to Write an Entry Level Resume?

An entry level resume is different from an executive type by the information it contains. Obviously, experienced managers have much more to offer as they have already achieved certain heights in their career. But entry level resumes are used primarily to apply for entry level positions which experienced employees have no interest in. So it is just you versus other graduates or those who wish to get their first job.
In order to develop an effective entry level resume you need to identify your key strengths as well as your passions. That is how you choose the job openings you would want to apply for because they basically should define how you resume is going to look like. Keep in mind that you are writing your entry level resume for employers so that they could see value you can potentially bring to the company.
Try to be honest throughout your resume – hiring managers know that you couldn’t have achieved much by this time. Many people tend to exaggerate their own achievements thinking HRs will believe their stories and hire them. But hiring authorities are not children whom you can easily fool. Those are people with considerable experience who can understand very well when someone is saying the truth and when one is lying. Besides, in most cases it is very easy to check.
We recommend focusing rather on your commitment and skills you can offer. Make your employers know that you lack experience but in no way you lack passion, dedication, ideas and energy. If you can show that you are able to make a positive difference in the team employers would probably invite you for an interview talk. You can start your resume with the summary of what you can contribute to the company in terms of skills and knowledge. Then it would make sense to list your educational credentials where you could also include any completed trainings. This section should be followed by any work/volunteer/internship experience. There is nothing else you can really add to that. If you hesitate you can create an effective resume by following the aforementioned recommendations you can always order our resume writing services.

Our writers are ready to help you get your first job by developing an excellent entry level resume for you.

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