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7 Ideas for Finding Buddies in College

College is the next logical step of your education. It is a serious and responsible decision. Simultaneously, it is a chance to make friends with college roommates that will share your interests throughout the entire life! 7 ways of how to make friends on campus Share a room with a person you didn’t know before…
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Tips on How to Survive First Day of College

Congrats! You have made it through the admission procedure! It may seem like the worst is over, yet it’s too early to feel at ease. You should be aware of possible difficulties and be ready to deal with them. Luckily, this article is just what you need. Survive your freshman year in college without trouble…
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How to Stay Sober and Have Fun in College

The idea of having fun is mostly vaguely understood in college. For some folks, it is all the tequila and the pipes that put them in the right gear for fun. We all know where this goes; endless jokes, laughter, bodies bumping, drinking sprees and the loudest music you have ever heard, all this to…
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How to Choose the Right University for You

Choosing a university to study is a crucial step, so it’s better for you to follow certain recommendations. This article covers the basic points one needs to consider before making the final decision. Things to consider when choosing a university: Open days. Attending open days gives an opportunity to have a look at the university,…
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How to Apply for Scholarships in 2016

It is a well-known fact that studying in a college is expensive. Students have to find money for various things including tuition, housing, transportation, food, clothes, studying stuff, etc. However, there is a way to cut on the cost of education using a scholarship. If you are looking for a guideline to help you apply…
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