Thank you for choosing our company and looking through our website. We work hard to protect the privacy and security of every client. Keeping our clients confident when they use our safe services is our top priority. We do everything needed to zero the risks of unauthorized intrusions and data loss for our customers. Provided below is some useful information on how we manage clients' data. While cooperating with our customers, we gather relevant information about:

  • Customers
  • Visitors

Meanwhile, our server also collects information, covering:

  • When customers access our website
  • What browser and operating system they use

This information cannot be used to identify you. All it can do is inform our actions and decisions, as we seek to customize and enhance our website content. We will never disclose any information to any third parties.


We also use cookies, which greatly contribute to maintaining our user-friendly interface. Cookies enable us to gather valuable statistical information about website users, such as how many times they access our website, etc.

Collecting Personal Data

When you decide to use our services, we will ask you to provide your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number.

In addition, you will have to provide a few personal details upon registering in our website system. As we are working on your order, we will need your personal information, including your contact details, to keep in touch with you. If you fail to attach the needed materials or provide clear unambiguous instructions, we will contact you for further clarifications. We may also need to contact you to approve the topic of your paper. This is why we strongly suggest that you provide precise, accurate, and valid contact details. Otherwise, we will not be able to provide high-quality services according to your needs. Rest assured that only authorized company personnel will have access to your personal data. We will never share or disclose your private information to any third party.

Online Transactions

We cooperate only with the most reputable payment providers and financial processing systems. Thus, your financial information is kept securely and cannot be disclosed to anyone. Our Financial Department may want to contact you to verify your identity.

Your Rights

You have the right to change or delete your personal information. Please, contact our Support in case you need help managing your personal profile.