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Ethical Issue and Proprietary Source Code - Sample Ethics Essay

First of all, I would recommend you to consult your previous employer. The thing is that this case may become a reason for further litigation. You are pressed for time at your work place and, moreover, you will have a huge burden of being sued by your previous employer. On the other hand, you have your own part in using the software, but it was your fault, as you did not put your signature in the agreement between you and the employer. Thus, I would rather ask a proficient lawyer on this issue. Furthermore, it would be a really nice idea if you could share this idea with the current employer. Together with the senior manager, it could be well coordinated. Otherwise, the whole situation is full of unethical implications.

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Derek is in a dangerous situation, as he is involved into a tricky issue. First of all, it is he who suggested using the software. On the other side, his current company agreed to use it without supervising the license and other agreements respectively. It can cause a conflict between two companies and the federal organization which checks the reserved rights of companies. All in all, Derek may simply become a “can carrier” as all among involved parts will witness against him for the sake of their own reputation and Derek’s disgrace.

Horace Jones seems to be a guy who takes notice of everyone’s action except of his own. In this case, he could have a talk with the representatives of a smaller firm, as he seems to be an ardent supporter of ethical issues. Moreover, they have not seen each other for ages, and it means that their previous warm and strong relationships might have become weaker, as nobody is obliged to be honest to each other.
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