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By its common definition, the term ‘technology’ is described as applying knowledge in a practical way. It involves treating science and art in a systematic manner. The motivation behind modern science is circular. As aspirations become even more ambitious, the tendency only becomes more pronounced. Whether the motivation is ethical or technical there is, perhaps, a desire to create or leave behind something that is better than it was before. These days, with globalization and a thriving economy driven by computer technology and intelligent electronics, a path is being carved for the next generation’s advancement in the search for even wider horizons and into an unknown world that even the present generation cannot imagine possible. This is all powered by a desire to help our heirs become successful and, in their turn, discover new uses for the application of their knowledge in the fields of science and art.

Technological advancements have been wide-ranging, from laptop computers and mobile phones to powerful macro computers that are used in the most critical and sensitive military situations. Although these advances in technology are driving and accelerating the pace at which mankind’s great industrial achievements are evolving, some experts are of the opinion these are significantly hampering the development of psychological and emotional integrity in humans. It is possible that, being hidden behind computer screens, we lose touch with reality and shun responsibility through impersonal tools such as the Internet and email. Tasks that were once performed by hand and sometimes by hard labor are now being performed by powerful computers that were created by other powerful computers. It is through the essential façade of computer chips and metal casing that the USA represents process simplification and innovation more prolifically than at any time previously. The consequence is a never-ending breaking of new ground as mankind accomplishes new things. Increased global competitiveness and mass produced goods have given rise to phenomenal economic growth, all powered by new and insightful technology. All this brings in its wake a myriad of morally important questions, which potentially submerge the highly intelligent but accepting human race in its own cleverness.

Television and movie makers have exploited the notion or fear of technology ultimately surpassing those who create it, portraying them as realistically as is possible to the individual who has been made redundant to the latest wondrous mechanical invention. Although efficiency is critical, at times it is perceived as problematic. It is a problem that eliminates the small family-run businesses that America was founded on. However, even though this idea is built on a sense of patriotism – the hard work and diligence of our forefathers – the fast and unrelenting way our nation’s commerce has expanded is one of the USA’s finest achievements so far. The people of the USA have not forgone or forgotten the virtues that made this country great. The US is now a much-respected nation for its technology-powered industry and for its constant endeavors to found all business operations on ethical and legitimate principles.

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Even though personal contact has been reduced and/or, in some cases eliminated altogether, daily lives have been revolutionized by new ideas and new inventions. This shows the USA is a country made up of enterprising people, a new era of family businesses. With the ready access to information and more becoming available by the day, human knowledge has extended way beyond what the previous generation could ever have hoped for the future. Opinions and factual information are available on virtually every subject man can think of. The way the average person was once defined has extended to encompass modern technology. With Internet data, it is possible to explore the world, recreate historical crimes and learn about a new animal species the day or day after it is discovered. No one, or very few, can say they haven’t access to cell phones, Internet connectivity, or an insatiable, even ethnocentric, interest in the search for the finest achievement of all – technology that allows us to learn more about our planet so the we can better understand it and our place on it. One question remains: “Now that I know more, am I less fearful? Or “Now that I know more, am I more fearful?”

Through the miracles of modern science, it is possible to appreciate and enjoy what is genuinely an amazing age of advanced knowledge and the tools to be self-sufficient. It is thanks to today’s technology that we have the unique opportunity to look back at how things were and compare them to how things are now and how they may be in the future. No longer is technology viewed as an obstacle, but as a new beginning. It gives us new insight and better job opportunities, at least to anyone who is willing to embrace the future.

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