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Many people like watching TV shows about student life because it is often associated with real fun, crazy parties and heavy drinking. If you also want to enjoy a funny series about students, check out the list of the films that we prepared for you.

Favorite Student TV Shows to Watch

  1. Fresh Meat

    Due to late application, 6 students are forced to live in an off-campus house. The series touches important topics for students, such as friendship, love, fun and, of course, studying.

  2. The Young Ones

    This TV show is a kind of retro university comedy. 4 students of different backgrounds and life style share a house. This show is funny in the way it combines students’ problems and culture clash.

  3. Big Bad World

    The series tells about young graduate, Ben, who comes back to his home town having no idea what to do after finishing the university. The film is not only concerned about leisure time activities of a former student, but also adulthood challenges that graduates face.

  4. Drifters

    Similar to Big Bad World, these TV series display post-university boredom. 3 former graduates are trying to get their life back in order, and unite their efforts. On the other hand, they are facing challenges connected with job search and love.

  5. Undeclared

    This American comedy tells a great story of student life of college freshmen and their relationship. These series are truly American in their display of life in the sorority and different awkward situations that happen to the main heroes. One of the best TV shows to watch.

  6. Watching a movie about student life is definitely one of the best leisure time activities. When you feel tired of numerous assignments, take a break and enjoy great comedy shows from the list.

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