7 Ideas for Finding Buddies in College

College is the next logical step of your education. It is a serious and responsible decision. Simultaneously, it is a chance to make friends with college roommates that will share your interests throughout the entire life!

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7 ways of how to make friends on campus

  1. Share a room with a person you didn’t know before

Of course, it is a risk, and you will break out of your comfort zone! But it is a good chance to open your life to a new person who may become your best friend ever! When you share a room, you share interests, private lives, and kitchen. Where would you have a better chance to make friends?

  1. Visit the organization fair

You will find out about the existing college organizations, choose a unit that meets your interests, and sign up for the membership. No doubts, you will meet friends in this organization!

  1. Do not exclude the idea of meeting people in your classes

Certainly, you will be assigned to complete at least one group project. Creating a team and working together may result in lasting friendship!

  1. Don’t be afraid to reach out

The student development theory suggests that person-environment is an important part of the education. Do not miss your chance to reach new people, make friends with college roommates, and enrich your person-environment. Some people are just shy to talk, or do not know the best way to start! Test the student development theory and make sure to help them!

  1. Become a part of the Residence Life

Living on campus allows partaking in many events of the residence life. It is impossible to stay apart when you live in residence halls of the college, so here the question of how to make friends on campus is irrelevant! Just be yourself!

  1. Partake in CAB events

Don’t be shy to say “Hi!” to a new face at parties, fests, contests organized by a college activities board, or when meeting people in your classes. And don’t be afraid to smile in response to someone’s “Hello!”

  1. Look for the on-campus part-time job

You surely won’t work alone! You will work in a company of other students, who share the same values as you do. Your colleagues may become good mates in future! Here were only the top-7 suggestions of how to study hard and make friends at the same time! Open your horizons for communication, meeting people in your classes, and enjoy college friendship that may last for years!