Argumentative Essay Topics about Music: Tips & Ideas

A music essay may be considered a joy; however, it is a complicated task. There are many ideas and topics for writing a music essay. If you are looking for argumentative essay topics about music, this article is good for you because we have tried to list the most interesting and exciting topics you can use for your essay.

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Music Essay Writing Tips

Music essays do not require you to be a musician. You should just listen to the music, like the music, understand it, and be able to evaluate and interpret the ideas that emerge in your head while listening. Each music piece always raises emotions; thus, your particular goal is to ensure that you can properly understand and interpret your emotions.

A unique quality of a music essay is the ability to combine compelling and entertaining arguments, a proper essay structure, and a strict and formal academic writing style. When writing a music paper, you should be aware of some particular features of such essays:

  • Technical vs. Plain Language

A music essay should contain both technical and plain language. However, you need to consider the audience, and if your audience is professional musicians who understand basic music terms you may resort to technical language without explanation; however, if your audience is unfamiliar with music technical language, you should avoid it or explain the major notions in plain language

  • Metaphorical Language

Music is always related to creativity and imagination; therefore, the use of metaphors is a good opportunity to explain your feelings and emotions while listening to the piece. The use of metaphors is an opportunity for you to disclose your emotions.

  • Immanent Critique

Sometimes, you may be forbidden to use outside sources; so you need to find the arguments supporting your ideas in the piece itself. It is easy if you listen to the music for some time and try to reflect on what you hear.

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How to Write a Music Essay

  1. Listen. No matter which topic you have selected, you need to listen to the music you have chosen for analysis. Just relax and turn on the music. It will help you focus on the problem.
  1. Analyze. Select the pieces you like and consider them for analysis. You may write your personal thoughts and then search for the related literature, or vice versa. It is important to choose the piece you consider the strongest and the most important in the understanding of the issue.
  1. Reflect. Take your time to reflect on what you have heard. Listen to the music and then sit in silence and relax. You should feel the music and be able to focus on the aspects you have remembered the most.
  1. Research. Search for the articles that analyze the same pieces. You need to find the articles that properly discuss the ideas related to the chosen piece. The ideas from reputable literature will help you develop your analysis. Just ensure that you do not copy the ideas, but analyze them and develop your personal vision.

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Argumentative Essay Topics about Music

When choosing a topic for a music essay, you should definitely refer to personal likes and dislikes. It will be difficult to write an essay devoted to the music genre you are not aware of or do not like. Music should inspire and bring joy. Writing an essay on a topic you consider interesting will motivate you for writing a top paper. If you have difficulty in choosing a problem for analysis, you may select one of the topics offered below:

  1. The signs of patriarchal roots of society in Jazz.
  2. How do violent lyrics affect the community and the level of crimes?
  3. Why music touches people all over the world.
  4. How contemporary music appeals to the modern generation.
  5. Does rap music raise the feeling of hatred and rebel?
  6. How can the same notes form so many music genres and millions of different music pieces?
  7. Why rock and rap music is incomparable.
  8. How music affects the emotional condition of people.
  9. How the changes in society affect the music.
  10. Why rock music is the best choice for cinematography.
  11. How new music trends emerge.
  12. Do music genres evolve with the development of society or not? Justify your response.
  13. Why are there many subtypes of Jazz music and how did they emerge from the major Jazz music genre?
  14. How injustice is reflected through music.
  15. Female themes in music and how they oppose the male world.
  16. The role of the legends in music genre development.
  17. What is the most influential genre in society today?
  1. How did rock develop throughout the centuries?
  2. How has globalization affected music?
  3. What is the future of Jazz music in the worldwide?
  4. How are the elements of classical music reflected in other music genres?
  5. What are the changes in the music from the perspective of the past 50 years?
  6. Why does classic music remain popular till now when it is considered outdated?
  7. What changes have occurred in pop music from the days of its development till now?
  8. What changes have occurred in jazz music from the days of its development till now?
  9. What changes have occurred in rap music from the days of its development till now?
  10. Discuss the evolution of music trends.
  11. How have musical instruments for classical music changed within the past century?
  12. What are the reasons for the popularity of rap music?
  13. Why does pop music remain popular for so many years?
  14. How the Internet and free access to music have changed the music industry.
  15. Do artists lose much due to free music download?
  16. Discuss the fusion of music genres and why they emerge.
  17. Why is rap music popular among both the young generation and older people?
  18. Does jazz is a genre of the black population?

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