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If you have the assignment to submit a book critique but you do not have the faintest idea of how to do it, feel free to look through a book critique example provided by our custom writing experts. Before starting to work on such kind of paper, you need to be well aware of what a critique is and how to structure it. First of all, try to understand that a critique is not a summary of a literary work, where you have to summarize the ideas and narrate them. When writing a critique, you should not provide a compilation of citations, or the main ideas expressed in the literature work.

The essence of critique writing is to provide a comprehensive analysis and evaluation. You need to demonstrate your analytical and critical thinking skills while working on a critique. On the whole, a good critique is not easy to write. That is why you frequently need to consult a book critique example to understand how it is structured and what ideas need to be included. To be successful and effective in book critique writing, it is essential to be aware of specific criteria.

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Book Critique Format

A book critique should follow a specific structure: it should start with an introduction, further develop its main idea in the body paragraph, and finish with a conclusion. Read on to take a detailed look at each of these sections:


As can be inferred from the name of the section, here you need to introduce your topic and intention of writing. You need to clearly explain why you have chosen a specific topic or why the topic assigned to you is worth attention or is significant for analysis. All in all, it is a must to provide your target readers with such information as the book title and the book’s author, the year of publication, the genre, some brief background information about the history of writing, and other facts that you consider to be worthy of attention. Sometimes, you are free to mention your personal impression of the reading.

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The Main Body

In the main body of the paper, you need to elaborate on your idea and provide both summative and analytical information. If you do not know for sure how to organize your body paragraphs, you are free to check some book critique examples. The book should be briefly summarized in the first body paragraph. However, since it is a critique, make sure you do not delve deep into the paper summary. The core part of the text should be devoted to analysis. The summary has the intention to provide a general idea or notion of the piece of literary writing to those people who have not read the book and do not have any idea what it is about. As such, when summarizing the book, make sure to emphasize the main events of the plot, mention the main characters, and pinpoint the relation between them. After the summary, make sure to pay enough attention to the critique and evaluation part. Writing this part involves the application of your analytical and critical skills in practice. As such, you need to pinpoint the potential reason why the author wrote the book, how masterfully he did that, what the book intends to convey, whether it bears some historical significance, etc.

Aspects You Should Pay Attention to in the Evaluation Part:

  1. Is the plot logical? Is it well-developed? Is it easy to understand what is going on in the book? Is there any confusion? Are there inconsistencies in the way the events are narrated or discussed?
  2. Provide your opinion and analytical perspective of the characters. How do they relate? How do they behave? Why do they behave in a specific way? Do they have specific motifs behind their actions? Are they properly described or do you lack some key information about a specific character? Are there both positive and negative characters?
  3. Take into consideration the language of the book writing. Why does the author use specific language or concrete literary devices? What impression does the author provide with the way he/ she writes?
  4. What is the main theme/ message/ idea of the book? Has the author managed to convey it in a clear and understandable way?
  5. Are the ideas presented in the book unique and original? Or have you managed to notice some parallels with the other literary works? If yes, which ones?
  6. Does the book bear some social or historical significance? What lesson does it teach?
  7. Hare your personal opinion on the book after reading it. Make sure to sound convincing and provide strong arguments.

The Conclusive Paragraph

The conclusion should provide information on whether the book is worth reading and paying attention to. You need to re-emphasize the idea expressed in the thesis statement or just make it clear whether you were right as you conveyed a specific idea in the thesis.

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Topics for Book Critique Essays

  1. Write a book critique on the following: Achieving a Poverty-Free World.
  2. Consider how a particular novel moved through its build-up to its ultimate climax.
  3. Write a Critique of Muhammad Yunus’ book “Banker to the Poor”.
  4. Critique of “Everyman” by Roth Philip.
  5. Critique the allegory in Shakespeare’s sonnets.
  6. Critique the notion of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty in “Why Nations Fail”.
  7. The presentation of irony in classical writing.
  8. Critique of “The Goal” in terms of the improvement process.
  9. What was the role of The Canterbury Tales in the development of literature?
  10. Write a description of a memorable secondary character in your favorite classical novel.
  11. Does the background of an author influence their ability to create a true masterpiece?
  12. The utilization of dark humor in 20th-century literature.
  13. Which genre of literary work do you prefer? Be specific when describing its features.
  14. What role imagery plays in fairy tales and is it effective?
  15. Choose a literary piece you like and discuss the role of its secondary heroes.
  16. Critique of Shirley Jackson’s book “Human Cruelty and Indifference”.
  17. Discuss how similes, metaphors, and other style devices are used in contemporary poetry.
  18. Choose a writing by Steve Jobs and critique it.
  19. Identify a scholarly article on environmental health and write a critique of it.
  20. Critique of some of the common elements of feminist ideology as found in modern masterpieces.

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What are Book Critiques?

A lot of people mix up book critiques with book reviews, but a critique involves much more than just summing up a book’s content. It analyzes the book in a critical manner in terms of its theme, purpose and other factors. The writer should draw attention to both the strong and weak points in the style of the book and any merits they see in its content. A book critique can vary in length from one to several pages, depending on whether  it is the full book or just some of its sections are to be critiqued. There is a specific format on how to critique a book, which our writers will follow. This format usually starts with a statement that sets out the important information on the book e.g. its title, author, genre, and roughly what it is about. It is also important to specify the book’s purpose and there are some questions that will need answering, such as:

  • What was the author’s reason for choosing this subject matter more than any other?
  • What viewpoint is the book written from (e.g. first or second person, etc.)?
  • What is thought to be the author’s reason for writing the book?
  • How well does this particular book fit its type or genre?
  • What audience is the book intended for?
  • Is the book written in a formal, informal, or another style?
  • Additionally, there should be a note about the theme (or topic). Is the theme clear or obscure? Or what type of theme is it e.g. narrative, descriptive, argumentative, persuasive, etc.?

How important the book is will need to be assessed. This part of the critique should clearly state whether the presentation was sufficiently clear and coherent. A critique of this type should end with a summary of the key points of the book as well as argument statements. If our writers use sources apart from the book itself, these will be properly cited according to the format you specified on the order form, and they will be accurately listed on the reference page or bibliography.

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