How to Write a Business Report

How to write a business report? Thousands of students ask the same question but fail to find the answer. Due to different types of business report writing currently in use, most learners find the process equally confusing and dull. However, writing is not a problem if you know what a business report is. Any report is a statement of facts. It can refer to any phenomenon, problem, or process. A report is always research-based. That is, you must conduct an extensive search of evidence to justify your position and support every statement in your case. The purpose of this article is to review the basic components of a business report. You can use this information to refine your business report writing skills. 

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What Is a Business Report?

If this is the first business report you have ever written, and you do not have the slightest idea how to write a business report, you should first develop a clear understanding of what a business report is and what you are going to do. In essence, you must understand the purpose of business report writing, the goal of your specific business report, and the format, outline or structure that you will follow while working on your project. Make sure that you have grasped the key concepts or business terms you are going to use when writing. These are the very basic requirements for writing a business report. 

To define a business report – it is a formal report that contains facts, statistics, evidence from credible published sources, and other information relating specifically to the subject of your business writing. Writing is formal; it is brief and concise. It must be clear and effective. Almost always, you will submit the report to a higher authority, such as a unit supervisor, a leader or executive staff. 

Your goal when writing a business report is to inform your target audience of a problem or a solution to that problem. Remember that most readers are busy professionals who do not have time to run through unnecessary information or data. Therefore, as a business report writer is to do research, compile evidence that is relevant to the subject of your report, and present it in a concise, informative, and convincing manner that will leave no room for doubts that the problem exists. Apart from being concise, your business report must be understandable. Use business terms but do not overload it with sophisticated writing. Unfortunately, even when you are eager to write, you may face obstacles, ranging from the lack of time to the lack of motivation. Even then, there is always someone to rely on. Just ask!

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Types of Business Writing 

You should not be surprised when you discover that business reports come in different forms and types. In fact, you will have to choose a business report type that suits the context of your organization and your business tasks. Roughly speaking, you will have to choose between the following types:

  • Informational. The purpose of these business reports is simple – providing information to update the target audience on the selected problem or phenomenon. For example, such reports often contain a description of new products/services or statistical data on organizational and staff structure. 
  • Analytical. The purpose of these business reports is to provide the analysis of a problem, situation, or current context affecting the organization. Quite often, analytical business reports are written by students in business courses. They must incorporate solid factual data and business terms/concepts to justify future organizational decisions. 
  • Research. Such reports are usually written based on research or evidence. They are particularly suitable in situations when companies want to decide upon the best course of strategic or tactical action. When working on a research report, you will gather extensive data and evaluate how other companies in similar conditions managed their options. Make sure that you use only credible data from reliable sources. 
  • Explanatory. Their purpose is to explain. For instance, you can write a business report in which you explain how the company is organizing team meetings or engaging employees in shared decision-making. They can also explain various policies adopted by the company. 
  • Progress. You will write this type of report if you want to update the target audience on the progress you are making in a particular project. You will hardly do any research here. However, if you have any data to justify your movement, do not hesitate to include these simple facts. 

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Business Report Structure

All business reports have a distinct, definite structure. Although structure will vary depending on the type of report you are writing, you can still follow the basic business report writing format that will help you achieve remarkable academic or professional results. Make sure that you include the following components:

  1. Cover or title page. Follow the format and style requested by your tutor. Generally, you will need to include your company’s name, your name, your company’s location, date, and other relevant information. 
  2. Executive summary – here, you will include a brief and informative summary of the entire report. Your readers must understand what you are writing about. 
  3. Introduction: here, you provide the information needed to introduce your report to the target audience. You should include a brief insight into your company. For example, what are the products/services that your company provides? 
  4. Methodology. In this section, you will describe the methods used to compile this report. 
  5. Findings/results. In this section, you will report your findings. Be clear. Do not evaluate or analyze them here. 
  6. Analysis/evaluation. This section is intended for the analysis of your data. Interpret them in the context of your report and your organization’s situation. 
  7. References. Include a list of references and do not forget about the sources you cited in the body of your report. You will not have a list of references if you did not use any sources. 

Of course, this structure is flexible and customizable. Thus, you can adjust it the way you deem is necessary to produce a brilliant report or meet the requirements of your professor. If you still think that you cannot write a good business report, do not hesitate to ask our writing experts for help. 

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Free Business Report Example from Our Experts

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Business Report Writing – Useful Tips 

The best report is brief, clear, and concise. The best report is formal and easy to understand. It is objective. It is also accurate. It includes a list of references, so that anyone reading your report could verify the data provided in it. This is why it is so important to avoid subjectivity when writing. Rely on facts and avoid any judgment or bias. Try to avoid any statements that seem prejudiced or lack a solid factual base. Use third-person pronouns only. The rule is typical for all academic and business texts unless you are writing a business letter. The tips below will help you produce an A+ business report. 

  • Be clear about the purpose. Once you are clear about what you intend to accomplish with your report. This way, you will know what information you must include and what information you would better not mention keeping your business report more concise.
  • Be organized. Once you understand the purpose of your report, you will also know what ideas you must include. With a well-developed outline, you will know how to arrange the ideas in your report and how to present them professionally.
  • Take care of your language. Business report writing is not the same as creative writing. Avoid fancy words and sophisticated synonyms. Be simple. Do not use any slang. Be formal and act as a business writer. 
  • Your sentences and phrases must be short. They must be easy to understand. Avoid run-on sentences. Your business audience will not have any time to read your messages. 
  • Do not submit the finished report unless you proofread and edit it. You do not want your supervisors to read through your grammar mistakes and types, or do you? The best way for you is to review the report after you complete the first draft. Take a break and then return to it with a fresh mind. 
  • If you need help, just do not hesitate to ask. There is nothing shameful or confusing in requesting professional assistance. Ask someone to read through your business report or request help from a professional. 


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