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What is Meant by a Dissertation Abstract?

It may be that you are wondering what a dissertation abstract is? Put simply, it is a short section of a dissertation that describes:

  • what you intent to prove in your paper
  • what the implications of the research work are

When addressing the first of these statements (what you intend to prove in your paper?) it is essential to analyze the thesis within your paper. At the core of any successful abstract is explaining one’s thesis statement. Failure to do so is unlikely to get your paper a pass grade. If, for instance, your dissertation is discussing the shortage of clean drinking water in a particular city or state, you will need to say in your thesis why you think there is a water shortage in the first place. Then your abstract should discuss how you plan on proving that certain events or conditions have caused a lack of clean water in that city or state. Additionally, your abstract will also need to describe the key elements of any research you have undertaken.

Continuing with the example given above your abstract would then present any evidence you uncovered, where it came from as well as its interpretation in the context of the thesis you developed. If these elements are done properly you should have a great abstract to support your work. While this advice should help you develop an effective paper we still suggest you use the dissertation writing services offered by WritingLeader. Why should you engage yourself in such a time consuming endeavor? We can make sure you get a paper that is well written and you can spend your time on other more important issues to help you achieve your academic goals.

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There are a variety of circumstances that cause students to seek help with their written assignments. Where dissertation research and writing is concerned, various problems may occur that can even jeopardize your chances for academic success. Therefore, with dissertations, it is essential to pay special attention to every stage of the process. Should any type of difficulties occur you should certainly turn to professional writers.

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Tips on Writing Dissertation Abstracts

You are welcome to check out our help pages if you need tips on how to write dissertations or any of the component parts. You should find our dissertation help page of particular interest because it provides advice on how to plan and present the key arguments in such a paper. When developing an abstract for your dissertation, it is a good idea to first define your central thesis statement. In reality all an abstract does is emphasizing and summing up the main points of your thesis. If it is not present your readers may well get lost and confused in respect of the arguments you are trying to put forward.

An abstract for a master level paper should be approximately 150 words in length while a doctoral dissertation abstract should comprise of around 300 words. This length is considered adequate to set out one’s thesis and overall objectives. It is also extremely important that an abstract describes any research results. Although students often neglect to do this such an omission can cause problems. While a significant portion of your abstract should be devoted to emphasizing the thesis, a considerable portion should also deal with interpreting and presenting any key research findings.

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