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Dissertation Methodology Help

Writing the methodology section is among the most difficult parts, not least because you need to accurately describe the process behind your research work and there is a lot of details to include. Students often put a lot of effort into the research element and then run out of enthusiasm when it comes to describing the methods they used. This situation can tend to become even more urgent when there is still a considerable amount of work on other chapters. This means there just is not sufficient time to attend properly to the methodology section, which is why third-party assistance is often needed.

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What is a Dissertation Methodology?

Anyone who is more interested in learning about a dissertation’s methodology section and what it entails rather than in actually buying one would still benefit enormously from the information provided in this article. We will explain what a methodology paper is and how to go about writing one. Essentially, the methodology section of your paper is a blueprint that describes why you used certain information and sources and how you collected them. Dissertation papers differ from other papers you may have previously written and where the use of randomly-obtained Internet sources were acceptable, a methodology chapter of a dissertation is to reassure the reader that the findings are valid and have not been selected in an arbitrary fashion. Without this chapter, the authenticity of the sources used in a PhD dissertation would be difficult to establish and would leave the paper feeling incomplete. What is the use of a dissertation, after all, when facts are not adequately supported?

Moreover, when grading papers a lot of professors take note of how effectively this part of a student’s work stands up to scrutiny. Worthwhile dissertations depend on solid research so the methods used for identifying sources are crucial to the paper’s entire success. If you decide to order a dissertation methodology from us you can feel confident in the knowledge that our writers understand the points of this type of writing. Our writers have produced an endless number of these assignments for the highest-level studies.

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How Dissertation Methodologies Should Be Structured?

The purpose of a dissertation’s methodology section should be made clear while you are organizing or structuring your text. In larger papers like this you will be allowed plenty of space to describe your research findings and outline your views on your study material. You should also say why you selected each individual source. In this respect, dissertations differ from standard essays or research papers because they allow you to employ prose to some extent for presenting your argument(s). If you choose to go with our company and buy methodology papers from us we will be careful to structure your work on several high-quality sources which our writers will only extract from the most respected textbooks and journals. While they often use ProQuest dissertations and other archived material, they do not fill your paper with randomly selected articles from the Internet.

Here is a prime example of how F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ can be incorporated into the methodology section of a dissertation on the social climate in 1920s America. “Possibly more than any other literary piece of its time ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald perfectly exemplifies ‘Life in the Twenties.’ As a primary source text, this novel brilliantly demonstrates the glamor of wealth, the true reality of abject poverty and the decadent party scene. It is this graphic portrayal of that period in time that makes this novel suitable to use in this particular study. F Scott Fitzgerald’s work is, therefore, a cornerstone of the evidence put forward in this paper that the early 1900s was truly a time when the discrepancy between America’s rich and poor was at its peak.” This example provides several noteworthy elements.

Firstly, observe the way the paragraph is constructed. The wording describes the suitability of the book and sources used while offering a sound argument on why the sources support the thesis. Furthermore, the above example also shows the sources are valid in relation to the way the topic is being examined. In this example, the book itself is used as a primary source, which means it is a text that is being used to both understand the events of the era as well as to get an insight into the wider issues of that time period. This is a pivotal aspect of writing a methodology chapter – the writer should always indicate whether their sources are of a primary or secondary nature. Should you decide to order a methodology paper from WritingLeader, you can be confident our competent writers will observe these rules, highlight the different types of sources, and develop a great sample paper for you. In addition, remember, if you are in any way dissatisfied with our work just contact our customer support team via our live chat system. We will revise your paper at no additional cost!

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Types of Research: Quantitative or Qualitative?

Dissertation research can be conducted in one of two primary ways. Firstly, there is the quantitative type; this is mainly used in hard sciences papers. Secondly, there is the qualitative type, which is mostly used in social sciences papers. You will need to note in your dissertation the type of data you are using to cement your argument, so be mindful about the type of paper you are required to write.

  • The Quantitative Method: This is similar to the scientific model insofar as it is undertaken by using polls, surveys and other forms of numeric data collection. This method is often used in science-type papers where a thesis needs to be proved with large amounts of numerical data.
  • The Qualitative Method: This method is most frequently used in humanities papers and for subject matter belonging to the social sciences. The method itself generally involves the study of people, events and/or situations. Indeed, being quite experience-related, the qualitative method can be quite textual in nature. If you want to buy a full dissertation or just a methodology chapter, make sure you indicate the research method you would like your assigned writer to use. If you specify the qualitative type, our writers will be careful to provide a plentiful supply of external information and secondary-type sources. They will ensure your main argument is adequately supported and they will also make sure the proper doctoral dissertation and dissertation format are fully adhered to in every respect.

Reliability and Limitations in Dissertation Methodologies

Finally, you must be careful to state the limitations of your source material. The majority of students hasten to highlight the advantages of the source material used in their papers. It is, however, good practice to mention any limitations to your sources. Going back to The Great Gatsby example given earlier, the writer should possibly point out that the novel was limited to some extent in its depiction of the era. Because it was written to sell as many copies as possible, which it achieved with spectacular success, it should not be taken as the most precise record of life during that time period. However, it still provides amazing insight into the era and adequately portrays the period’s events. Not only will this gain the admiration of your readers but also it will lend a sense of reliability to your entire paper. Few readers enjoy a paper where the writer obtains all their material from an online dissertation database and portrays it as “true.” Therefore, your key argument will be strengthened by knowing and mentioning the limitations of your research sources. In choosing to buy a methodology paper from WritingLeader, be assured our writing experts will highlight the reliability of your source material and make the information flow smoothly throughout the paper.

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