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Letter writing has been an exquisite way of communication since time immemorial. However, if to delve into history, not everyone was educated to write, so this means of communication reflected a “noble blood”. Nowadays, it seems that everyone knows how to create various types of letters, from personal to official ones. Yet, not everyone is prone to linguistic eloquence, and the creation of a simple letter may turn into sheer pandemonium. Therefore, individuals buy letter writing in order to save their time or to learn the effective ways of producing letters from pencraft experts.

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How Many Types of Letters Do You Know? Readily Discloses Letter Writing Variety!

Before immersing in each brief description of letter types, keep in mind that you can order all the mentioned letters from our creative authors. 

  1. Letter to a friend: Probably, you have an experience of writing this kind of letter. When you write to a close friend or a pen pal from a different city or country, you usually talk about personal events, feelings, share your opinions and strivings with an individual who knows you pretty well. In such a letter, you include your address and that of the recipient, as well as the date of letter creation. 
  2. Letter of recommendation: Such letters are typically written when you apply for the chosen education institution or desired job position. The recommendation letter is of utmost importance as your future high-quality education or appealing career depends on it. No wonder students and young specialists rely on our expert writing service – even minor mistakes can hinder you from achieving your intellectual dream. 
  3. Admission letter: As a student, you may be surprised to find out that your professors also tend to order admission letters from our professionals. The reason behind it is that this kind of letter requires profound psychological understanding of each student addressed. While it is less complicated to write positive admission letters when a student is accepted into the selected school, it may be challenging even for an experienced teacher to write letters of rejection. 
  4. Personal letter: This kind of letter reminds of the friendly one, but it is usually related to the expression of gratitude. Such letters can be informal, semi-formal, and formal, as the warmest wishes, appraisal, and appreciation can be sent to friends, colleagues, as well as business representatives and clients. 
  5. Job application letter: This kind of letter is familiar to every individual who has already applied for a job, even once. In the application letter, you have to present yourself as a worthy candidate, elaborating on your educational background, skills, experience, and any outstanding qualities you have that make you stand out among others. 
  6. Business letter: Such letters represent business communication. They are sent to business partners and allies, current and potential ones, to discuss further cooperation, important events, or changes within an organization. This kind of letter needs to be formal, following a specific structure of corporate writing. 
  7. Political letter: This is a specific letter usually addressed to a politician or political activist. A sender reaches out to a political figure to show his or her support, appraisal or disapproval of political campaigns or maneuvers. It can also be a complaint or a request regarding a burning issue. Despite the fact that a political letter is often connected with needs and appeals of the general public, it needs to follow a formal tone.  
  8. Complaint letter: This is a letter people dislike to write and the addressees dislike to receive even more as it reflects a certain complaint about the unsatisfactory experience. However, it is wrong to get too emotional. If you want to be heard, you have to use moderate formal tone to describe the issue you faced. If you are a business representative, you also have to know how to respond to complaint letters written by your customers. 
  9. Love letter: Despite the fact that this kind of letter is the most private, not everyone is gifted enough to write a beautiful letter expressing his or her genuine feelings. For instance, you want to attract a person who is fond of poetry or romantic novels; an inspiring love letter will be the best gift for him or her. Our creative writers readily take up such expressive orders, and some of our experts are professional poets, so your declaration of love will definitely be unique owing to our help! 
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Tips to Write Outstanding Letters 

  • If you write an important letter, do not forget to dedicate a separate Cloud storage to those compositions not to lose them. 
  • Informal letters are not as simple and straight-forward as it may seem. It is inadvisable to use slang words, colloquial language, and contractions. Being “informal” does not mean being “uneducated”.  
  • On the contrary, in formal letters, mention the addressee’s name using titles, such as “Dr.”, “Mr.” “Ms.”, “Mrs.”, etc. Do not forget to include closing lines, such as “Kindly yours”, “Sincerely”, “Warm regards”, and so on. 
  • Addressing a corporate representative of the higher rank, keep in mind that this person is likely busy around the clock, so your message should be constructive, relevant, and succinct, not exceeding 300 words.


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Professional Letter Writing Service has the most Eloquent Writers 

Conventional letter writing is not outdated even in the modern world of Internet communication. Despite the fact that the majority of letters are not handwritten but are typed and sent via emails, it is always pleasant for a person to receive a “Thank-You” letter or an invitation written by hand. Students are often given various assignments related to letter writing, but many of them still struggle to produce the most appropriate personal letters, motivation letters, application letters, internship letters, among others. is a remarkable writing agency that offers cost-effective and proficient letter writing for any known and invented purposes. With our expert assistance, you will surely obtain an impeccable job offer or catch your unique chance to participate in a university exchange program of your dreams!

Letter Writing Service from Creative Minds 

If you have the question in mind, “Where to buy letter writing paper?” you must know that there is no other realm of experts that can boast of letter writing connoisseurs, besides! We will create a letter that will reflect perfect grammar, punctuation, spelling, and stylistics. Our writers know all the secrets of written communication that will turn into the best letter you could produce! 

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If you fill in the order form, all the main steps will be revealed. You will be able to buy letter writing, receive order confirmation, and download the completed paper on time. Your payment can be made through a range of transaction means. When you place an order with, you can rest assured that your deadline will be met! 

Despite our “writing brand”, we cannot set cosmic prices for our services. We know that students can rely on scarce budgets, so our management team has come up with the most convenient prices for every customer! In order to understand whether the price suits you, please use our order calculator on our website – it will facilitate the ordering process, so you will know how many pages you can order at once. 

Each specific kind of letter is predetermined by its purpose. Logically, formal and informal letters vary in their style and tone, and every educated person should be able to discern those differences. If you do not have enough knowledge about letter writing, will teach you to craft refined letters!