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Custom Writing Service: Essays and Research Papers

Any research papers you order from us will be custom-written to meet your exact needs. When placing an order you provide all the details you possibly can and our proficient writers will assemble that information. We will notify you by email when your paper is ready and available for downloading. That is all there is to it – it really is as simple as that. Your writer will get in touch with you through our secure messaging system if they need any more information from you. We offer a number of different ways for you to get in touch with us if you have any concerns, questions or need a revision. You can contact us by phone, email or via live chat. Our helpful customer support team will happily address any issues related to your order. You are welcome to look at the reviews left by other customers; these demonstrate that we regularly provide satisfactory assistance to a wide range of customers. Anyone who uses our writing service tends to return to order more papers.


Once we complete your paper we will initially send you a first draft. If you feel this draft needs any changes, our helpful writing managers and support personnel will deal with it right away. Our writers know how to write an essay but if you have any particular things you want changed just let us know and we will revise your paper until you are fully satisfied and until the next draft meets your requirements. However, to make sure everything is done properly you will need to provide clear instructions. This will help ensure the next version our writer provides is the final paper and won’t need any further adjustments.

All final papers are reviewed by our eagle-eyed editors to ensure all your instructions are met and that the work is top-quality. All processes at WritingLeader are constantly being updated so that our products exactly match our customers’ expectations. Our aim is to provide you with the fastest and most secure means of getting the academic papers you need. As a further time-saver we use the latest and most sophisticated plagiarism detection software to rid you of any possible plagiarism accusations. We understand how essential it is that your papers are original so we use systems like CopyScape to check if there are any similar documents in circulation on the web.

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Customer Satisfaction

When looking for somewhere to purchase research papers the first step is to ask a company’s customer support team some questions. If their responses or speech are in any way suspicious, whether over the phone or during a live chat session, it is better to look for a different writing service. The customer support personnel at WritingLeader are native English speakers and the content we provide is also written by native English-speaking experts. Should you find the work we deliver does not meet your needs, just send our representatives a message and the issue will be dealt with promptly.

If after revision the work still is not satisfactory you should contact a member of our team and they will work with you to find a resolution. Because the people who work for us are the best in the industry we are sure you will not go through all of this rigmarole. A large percentage of our expert writers are graduates of some of the most respected universities and colleges and they are conversant with the strict rules that apply to academic courses. We can complete a paper for you in as little as 8 (eight) hours and despite such a tight deadline the paper you receive will still be precise, informative and perfectly-written. At WritingLeader we hope that being satisfied with our work will help make your choice as to where to purchase your next college papers.

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Good Topics for Research Papers

Some research topics are difficult to write about. However, our writers can provide information on even the most challenging topics. The crucial thing is to select a topic that provides plenty of scope for thorough examination and discussion. The following is a list of popular topics to help you get started:

  • Gun Law/Control: The continuing spate of school shootings has prompted legislators to push for tighter control over gun ownership/use. This move has upset those of a more conservative disposition and supporters of the Second Amendment.
  • Same-Sex Marriage: Should gay marriages be permitted? This is a topic that has been discussed in the media for a considerable time now and some scholars believe the decision will ultimately be left to individual states.
  • Social Media/Networking: With the increased use of Facebook and other social networking sites a lot of people worry about how this level of computer-based interaction will impact the personal development and communication skills of young people. This is a popular topic because it provides the opportunity to explore every day technologies.
  • The Legalization of Marijuana: In recent times marijuana use was legalized in the state of Colorado. However, there are many who worry that this legislation will have an adverse and corrupting effect on young people and that it will contribute to an increase in drug usage.
  • Life for Muslims: Since the events of 9/11 the Islamic religion and Muslims in general have experienced tumultuous times. Many argue that the radical element is just one aspect of Islam and it should not affect the overall treatment of Muslim people.
  • The Rights of Women at Work: Although women have had the right to vote and work with men for a considerable number of years discrimination towards women still exists in many workplaces. Indeed, some feminist groups argue that the rights of women in the workplace have been subtly attacked.
  • Educational Problems: In recent times there has been a lot of confusion about what should and should not be taught in colleges. This paper describes a few of these problems and offers some practical solutions.
  • Does the Patriot Act Intrude Too Much on Privacy? The privacy of citizens has been seriously impacted since 9/11. The most controversial aspect of the Act is that it allows government agents to read emails, listen to phone calls and more.

As well as with the topics listed above there are many others you can ask us to help you with. Any custom written essay you buy from us will be well-written and based on subject matter that provides plenty of scope for solid argument. Topics like these have no end of sources and our expert writers will sift through them to provide you with original and high quality content.

How a Research Paper Should Be Structured?

If you are tasked with writing a research paper, these can be difficult to structure correctly. However, there is a prescribed template or model that writers can use. The paragraphs below describe the overall layout. If your paper is of average length, i.e. around ten pages then you should take note of the following model: The introductory paragraph: The introduction should comprise of about two paragraphs and be around a page long. You should use this just to introduce your topic and provide some information on its background. You might also want to use this paragraph to define any relevant or key terms you will be using. Set out your plan: Having a plan helps to see how the paper you are writing will be organized and structured. This task is quite easy. It is basically about defining how you will be presenting your argument. Devote just one or two sentences to each main point.

Write a thesis statement: This statement should be expository or argumentative in nature and be placed towards the end of your introductory paragraph. If it is argumentative it means you will be taking a particular stance and attempting to persuade your readers of the validity of your position. If your thesis statement is of the expository variety you will merely be explaining or elaborating on the subject matter. In any case, a thesis statement should be around one-two sentences in length and it should state your point clearly. Construct some body paragraphs: These paragraphs are very important. Begin each one with a topic sentence and go on to support it with relevant facts or quotes.

Additionally, you should use your own words to explain what any quotes mean. All support material should link back to the thesis statement so that your work flows smoothly and cohesively. Write a concluding paragraph: A conclusion should also be around two paragraphs long. Use this to reiterate your thesis statement and summarize the main points of your research paper.

Using the Correct Citation Style in Your Research Paper

The correct style of citation is also essential in a research paper. For instance, the CMS (Chicago) or Turabian styles are mostly used in history-type papers. These particular styles use end-notes, footnotes, and bibliographies. However, this might vary with much dependent on the instructions provided by your professor. If you have any doubts about which style to use refer to our glossary for information on different writing styles. This glossary provides all the information you will need, including guidelines on formatting.

If you still are not sure remember that WritingLeader’s writing and editing service is here to help with all your formatting requirements if you choose to buy essay online. We will adhere to your instructions and return your paper by the deadline you specify. Needless to say, we will also adhere to your citation instructions. Bear in mind that citation styles vary from one discipline to another. The APA style, for example, will be needed when you are writing a psychology-type paper. There are some particular and unique requirements for using this style. The following are just some of the requirements for correctly citing sources:

  • Title or cover page: The APA style requires all basic information to be included in a title page;
  • The abstract: Usually an abstract summarizes the content of a paper in basic form. Any relevant information and keywords should be included.
  • A running head: A running head is a header that is placed at the top of each page in capital letters. It is usually a shortened version of the title.
  • Headings: It is a requirement that some first level headings be shown in bold typeface while others only require italics.
  • Reference pages: All reference page entries must adhere to the rules set out in the APA style manual. The latest edition of this manual is the 6th and it is occasionally updated, which means you will need to keep up with changes.

Is There any Easier Way to Apply Citations in a Research Paper?

If this all sounds very difficult, you need not worry. There are a number of tricks that can be used to make the entire process of citation easier. In the first place, there are a number of web-based features you can use:

  1. With this online resource, you simply add whatever sources you are going to use and later format them in your chosen style. It is a great time-saver because it cuts out the manual formatting aspects, such as indentation and so on. While there are several online tools for citing sources this one has come top of our list. Another excellent aspect of EasyBib is that it costs nothing. Yes, that is right! It is an ad-supported free service that you can use at liberty without cost. Most likely the site owners would like users to click the ads to generate revenue, but this is not compulsory.
  2. MS (Microsoft) Office and Windows: There are also some good features in MS Office for citing sources at even greater speed. Look for the References’ tab at the topand it will take you to the ‘Endnotes’ and ‘Footnotes’ options. Clicking these options will add your citation items with little effort on your part. There are also some in-built automation tools that allow you to save your references. Although MS Office is less robust than EasyBib, it is an excellent, timesaving alternative when writing a research paper. With MS Office, you also get tools to help check the style and grammar in your paper. Collectively, these features make MS Word one of the best software programs for editing and formatting a paper without needing an extra pair of eyes to look over your work.

Formatting and Editing a Research Paper

It is great that you have got this! You are now entering the last phase of your research project. It is a good idea to allow plenty time to carefully review and thoroughly edit your research paper. Many college campuses have tutoring or writing centers where you can get help with this. However, do not forget WritingLeader’s essay writing services if or when you are contemplating the purchase of any type of paper. We are, after all, sufficiently knowledgeable to provide you with this handy guide! When you sit down to edit your work, the first thing to check for is the basic issues that generally relate to college papers. It can help to refer to a sample paper, which you can use for cross-referencing purposes to check that you are doing everything correctly.

Should you find you have got anything wrong then you can make whatever adjustments are necessary until your work perfectly matches the sample you are using as a guide. Once this is done, you should check the structure of your paper. Having read the advice provided above, you will have seen there is a prescribed structure for you to adhere to. This model is quite specific and is effective for most types of writing you are ever likely to be tasked with. And it is very precise in the case of research papers. If you have to make a few modifications to the structure, be careful to maintain the following balance: 15% for the introductory section, 70% for the body paragraphs and 15% for the concluding section. This structure allows sufficient scope for you to make a sound argument. It is essential also to be aware of some common pitfalls so that you can avoid them.

If your paper has an excessive amount of quotes, for instance, then the words are not yours and this can make your work seem less credible. If you can use just the right amount of sources, then everything will be alright. Do not forget that source material should be used to help and support your work rather than dominate and/or overshadow it. Every reference source should be correctly acknowledged in the references or works cited page, otherwise you may leave yourself open to accusations of plagiarism.

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Why Choose WritingLeader for Buying Research Papers?

When looking around for websites to buy academic papers from, remember that not every site may be right for your needs. There is no doubt that WritingLeader is the best online source for purchasing research papers. We need to explain, of course, why we are better than other providers. What makes us superior is our constant desire to provide high-quality papers, a great customer support service, and unrivalled academic writing skills. These are the qualities our customers benefit from when they order papers from us. The sample papers on our site and the testimonials left by other customers demonstrate what you get with every order, such as:

  1. Research papers that are custom-written, entirely original, fully free of plagiarism and specifically tailored to your requirements;
  2. A team of writers, researchers, editors and customer support personnel that provide fast and courteous responses;
  3. All papers delivered by deadline or your money refunded;
  4. A team of academic writers who have graduated from respected universities;
  5. Revisions if you are in any way dissatisfied with the first draft.

WritingLeader serves customers in every part of the world, most of whom find us from search engine results. Whenever you use search terms related to buying research papers and WritingLeader appears, it means that the algorithms used by various search engines such as Google see us as a top resource for academic writing assistance. Even after finding us, customers might still be a little hesitant about ordering their first paper from us. However, such hesitation is unnecessary. A brief conversation with our support personnel will encourage them to go ahead and purchase an essay or research paper. On receiving their first paper though, customers have no hesitation about buying more paper from us.

Guide to Writing Research Papers

Our company can handle all types of papers, no matter how complex. However, if you do not want to purchase essay papers, think about what will be required of you. It can take a long time, hours or days even, just to select a suitable and/or interesting topic. Of course, you can refer to the list of topics and advice provided above for inspiration. The advice and samples provided on our website are more relevant and concise than you are likely to find from other online sources, though that is not to say that sources like Wikipedia, journal articles and blogs are not useful information sources. Then, when your topic is selected, you can start. If, however, you find the idea of a twenty page assignment (or more) daunting, you can order a custom-written paper that incorporates all the information you have already collected.

Hold a Brainstorming Session to Generate an Outline

It is not surprising that professors recommend and even show their students how to create an outline before starting a paper. An outline reduces a lot of the slog. By organizing your thoughts, ideas and research material, you can find the correct structure and flow for your paper. This also applies to the writers at WritingLeader before they start writing a paper. Doing so ensures you know that our writers approach each project with a clear and concise view of how it will be structured.

Finding Sources for Research Papers

Once the topic is chosen and the outline drafted, what is next? We need to find relevant source material. Our customers tell us the number of sources they need and our essay writers know where to find these. For example, we use EBSCOHost, Google Scholar and JSTOR. Our writers understand that professors want to see peer-reviewed material and that some sources, such as websites and blogs, are not always suitable.

Other Options

Although buying research papers online suits some people, it does not suit every customer. A custom writing service can, for instance, be costly since every word is freshly written. Other great options include just getting a proposal or outline written or simply just getting a paper edited.