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What Is a Synopsis?

Synopsis writing is a short and concise overview of a specific composition or literary work that provides readers with the idea what the piece of writing is about. When it comes to some fiction story, a synopsis mainly deals with the underlying ideas from the plot as well as interaction between the main characters. Normally, when writing a synopsis, it is essential to mention the type of writing, genre, topic, the general tone, style, setting, characters, and other relevant details. You can buy synopsis from professionals at a time when you find that it is really challenging for you to cope with the assignment.


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It depends on the requirements how many details should be exposed in the very synopsis. For example, when you are writing a book synopsis, as a rule, you will have to make it longer and provide more details than when you are working on an article synopsis. A book synopsis predetermines a comprehensive plot overview together with a brief critical analysis of the characters’ interaction. 

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How Long Should a Synopsis Be?

If you try finding the answer to this question online, you will see that the responses can be rather conflicting. What we say is that it really depends on the requirements and purposes of synopsis writing. On average, the synopsis length may vary from 500 to 1,000 words. Still, you should also check whether you need to submit a double-spaced synopsis or a single-spaced one. 

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Common Flaws in Novel Synopsis Writing

  1. Do not get overwhelmed by focusing on specific places, names, terms, and proper names whatsoever. When working on a synopsis, try to include the most important information without delving deep into details. This is the priority when it comes to working on a synopsis. So, avoid lengthy descriptions, omit specific details, and make sure you focus only on the main characters if you are writing a synopsis of some fiction book.
  2. Do not spend your time and attention on deciphering some hidden meanings, symbols or story’s themes. You may briefly state what the story is about, but it is definitely not a synopsis’ function to interpret its meaning. 
  3. Do not focus on the story’s structure. When you are writing a synopsis, you do not need to analyze the constituents of the story, i.e. identify the story’s climax, each twist of events, and so on. 
  4. Do not provide characters’ background and do not try to evaluate or analyze characters’ behavior in the story. You may only mention some background information about characters only when it is crucial to know when focusing on some motifs or when it relates to the main events.
  5. Do not provide any dialogues. If you need to refer to one’s specific wording, try to be brief and succinct. It is relevant to include dialogues only when they contain some critical information.
  6. Do not ask any rhetorical questions or such questions that cannot be answered. You should not add any riddles to the content but, on the contrary, provide as much clarity as possible. 
  7. Do not try to impress your readers with some vivid descriptions, flowery language, poetic features, and so on. You cannot reveal all content details in the synopsis. Specifically, do not let your readers in on spoilers. 

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What is a synopsis in writing? To put it briefly, a synopsis is a logical and short summary of the assigned piece of literary work, such as a book, a novel, a short story, a scholarly paper, an article, a movie, a video, or anything else. A synopsis is also written when a writer intends to publish his/ her own story. As such, this writer will have to provide the publisher with a synopsis of the literary work by focusing on the key events, plot twists, and characters. 

A synopsis can be also written in academic realm, specifically when you are a PhD student and you are providing a synopsis of your dissertation. The aim of the writer in this case is to briefly sum up the dissertation idea in order to make the research progress further. 

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