Where Can I Buy White Paper Writing Help?

What is a White Paper?

Looking to buy white paper writing assistance? What is white paper writing, exactly? This type of paper contains all of the important and necessary information the reader needs to understand a particular subject. The information contained within is a combination of expert knowledge and solid research that helps the reader make informed decisions as they look for solutions to problems. White papers contain a lot of data and text. Because of this, it is written in a professional tone and requires a great amount of concentration to read. 

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Steps to Writing a White Paper

  • Research

You will need to do some thorough research before you begin writing. Some good sources to use are journal databases, information contained in trade magazines, and your own organization’s internal documents. Since the white paper is data-focused, you will need to find a great amount of information through your research. When using sources, you should cite them as you would a research paper. The formatting style that you choose is generally up to you. The more information you cite, the more confidence the reader will have in your paper. 

You should obviously stick to sources that come from reputable websites rather than random opinion blogs or Wikipedia. 

  • Read Other White Papers

Check and see if the information your writing about has been covered in other white papers and to what degree. You should specifically check for knowledge gaps and use this opportunity to discover something new based on these gaps.

  • Create a Mind-Map Diagram

As you are doing research, you are going to come across a lot of ideas and information. A good way to organize the content is through a mind-map. This allows you to place the various information into separate categories and connect these ideas in the form of a diagram.

  • White Paper Title

It is not necessary to put the phrase “white paper” in the title. While some might see it as an indication that the paper is authoritative, others might find it intimidating. Ultimately, you should consider the audience as you think of the right title. 

  • Abstract

Just like with an academic research paper, the white paper should include an abstract that provides a detailed summary of your paper’s key points. When researchers are looking for content to include in their literature reviews, your abstract will indicate to them whether your source would be relevant and useful to them.

  • Problem Statement

Since every white paper seeks to solve some sort of problem, it is only natural that it should include a problem statement. You should identify the problem and provide some context so they understand the issue better.

  • Background

This part of the white paper helps the reader understand the problem as well as possible solutions. The information can be narrow and detailed or more general. It depends largely on how much the reader already knows about the problem. 

  • Solution

After presenting the problem and additional, relevant information, you should now propose a solution. It should not be based on a hunch; rather, it should be thoughtfully considered and based on strong evidence. 

  • Conclusion

The final section of the white paper deals with the major findings of the research. You should offer recommendations based on whatever solution you have proposed. 

  • References

Every source that you use should be properly cited in-text and in a reference list so that the authors receive proper attribution. You can use MLA or APA citations depending on what is most appropriate for your industry. 


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Custom White Papers for Sale

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If you really want to make a good impression, your white paper needs to contain useful, informative content. A white paper is your stage. It allows you a chance to share your solutions to problems with the audience. If it is put together in a disorganized way and includes poor grammar and only vague ideas, you will have no credibility. 

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The Process for Buying a White Paper

item 1 Complete
the order form
item 2 Making
item 3 The white paper
in progress stage
item 4 Order

White Paper Ordering Process

Once you fill out the order form and make a secure payment, we immediately match it up with the best writer in your subject. You are welcome to communicate directly with your writer at any time! You can also message our friendly customer support team via live chat 24/7 if you have any questions or need help placing your order. 

We give you the freedom to be as involved in the process as you wish. If you would like to monitor your writer’s progress and ask for a draft of the work, we would be happy to provide it. On the other hand, if you would rather take a hands-off approach and simply want to wait for the order to be finished, that is fine too. We leave it entirely up to you!

After your paper is complete, our quality assurance department gives it a good look through. The editors will check it for plagiarism and grammar. They will also make sure the content of the paper is sound and that it is properly cited. After your deadline expires, you can download your paper from your account on our website. If you love it, use it as you wish. If you decide it requires revisions, let us know within 48 hours and we will be happy to fix it. 

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