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What are Case Studies?

Maybe you are wondering what a case study is. Mostly, it is a type of essay paper that is highly specific and based on a particular person, problem or business. Like research papers, the writer is required to put forward a thesis and prove it. A case study differs, however, from other essays as it is more commonly used to describe an individual or group of individuals. Although the writer should work around a central thesis or argument, it is not necessary to be quite as dogmatic in a case study as it is in other types of papers. Any case studies you buy from WritingLeader will demonstrate how these papers should be written by professionals. Case studies, e.g. Harvard case studies, are also important business writing tools. Usually, when writing a case study for a business, finance or economics class, you will be expected to examine a specific organization in terms of its leadership, advertising, marketing, financial management and other operational models. Therefore, case studies are designed to make students focus their work around a particular person, group or organization. This allows them to collect a large amount of information relating to the “case” and provide a thoughtful commentary on it.

The Different Types of Case Studies

Case studies are more common in certain disciplines and are used as a means of helping students better understand the problems that organizations face. Some of the disciplines where the case studies are used include:

  • Biology
  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Politics
  • Physics

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How a Case Study Should Be Written?

When starting a case study research project, it is essential to begin by identifying the precise object of your study. Although this might sound easy, a lot of students encounter difficulty because they cannot properly articulate the primary focus of their study in a succinct and accurate manner. In order to write a good case study you should bear in mind that you are attempting to prove some point through a thorough examination of the topic. The requirement to provide information and commentary is the primary difference between case study and report writing. Furthermore, a correctly written case study should end with a conclusion that describes where an organization has been most successful and/or with recommendations on how it can further develop and grow.

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