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If you have a paper that you have developed yourself but you believe it requires editing you can either do it on your own or ask someone to do it for you. Editing is definitely one of the most challenging and responsible missions, when it comes to writing a paper. May be you have had some negative experiences turning in a paper that looked outstanding but failed to earn a good grade? Do you remember any instances when your professor sent your paper back to you asking you to proofread it? If you feel that your paper can be improved but do not know how to do it properly writers at WritingLeader will be glad to assist you. We have been providing a full range of editing and copy editing services for years. Many people wonder what is the difference between editing and copy editing. Well, it is pretty simple. The process of editing involves correcting and modifying a written text to prepare it for publication or submission. It usually involves condensation, organization, and other modifications of the written material. On the other hand, copy editing is a very similar process. Its main focus is the formatting, style and accuracy of text. Copy editing usually has nothing to do with changing the content. So if that is something you are looking for you can contact us to place your copy editing order.

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How to Place an Order with WritingLeader?

At WritingLeader we work hard to provide you with smooth experience. Therefore, when you want to order a copy editing or any other service we will be happy to provide our assistance if needed. Although the process of submitting an order isn’t that difficult. In case of any concerns do not hesitate to contact our 24/7 support team immediately. So what should you do to order our copyediting services?

  1. Fill out our order form.
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  3. Receive an email notification with the link to download your paper.

Do not delay your success. Place an order for our services today. You simply need to send us the text you want us to copy edit and we will take care of the rest. At WritingLeader you usually submit your payments via a secure system, such as PayPal. Even if you do not use PayPal for routine purposes you can still use it to submit your credit/debit card payment. When you are ready, just place an order and send us the text to be copy edited. We will polish up your paper to perfection without changing the content of your work. Your formatting, style and accuracy of the text will be flawless. With WritingLeader you will have an easy access to all benefits that we offer. These things will make your experience with our company even better.

Messaging and Communication

You can access our messaging system online. We have developed it to make sure that you can easily communicate with your editor and our friendly customer support staff. Use our messaging system to send additional information to the editor or provide clarifications regarding the paper you need copy edited. You can also request an update regarding the progress of your work.

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Mobile Application

WritingLeader has spent a great deal of time developing a mobile version of the website. Now our company is proud to announce that you can order our writing and editing services by using your smartphone only. Placing an order online has never been easier. Our mobile version contains all features and advantages of our website.


Professional Editors

When you decide to purchase editing or copy editing services from WritingLeader you will enjoy the fact that we work only with professional editors. Among our competitors dozens of companies outsource their services to inferior third-rate editors just to save their costs. It is not uncommon for such editors to have poor knowledge of the language. At the end you receive a paper that does not meet even the basic standards of quality and professionalism. With WritingLeader you can avoid all these risks because we work only with academic editors and writers. They have successfully graduated from colleges and universities. Now that you know everything about WritingLeader, you should also remember that writing and copy editing are equally important if you want to produce a top quality paper and earn the best grade. With the help of professional editors you can make your writing perfect. Our writers and copy editors work side by side to produce a high quality end product. You will not regret a single minute if you choose WritingLeader to help you with copy editing. Of course, we invest huge efforts in hiring and retaining the best editing personnel. We realize how crucial it is for our customers to have access to the most qualified and passionate writers. Our professionals have successfully graduated from the most prestigious educational institutions. Apart from the fact that they possess unique writing skills they also know what professors in colleges and universities expect from students. Thus, when you order writing, editing or copy editing services at WritingLeader you know that our employees are fully equipped to deliver a high quality end product.

If you want to order copy editing services you will not find any place better. We are here to open new opportunities for every customer. We know that you need our help to succeed. At WritingLeader you will be able to find editors who treat your written works as their top priority.