Effective Tips on How to Maintain Mental Health in College

Facing life changes is difficult, but when you go to college, it’s almost unbearable. One may think it’s because college is too hyped and everyone makes such a big deal of it, were it not for statistics, which says that the majority of students suffer from mental disorders, such as social anxiety or depression. The reasons behind that might differ, but the ways of dealing with the problem are the same. Here is what you should do to have a sound mind.

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Engage in social life

The best way to fight fear is to face it. Thus, people with social anxiety should leave their comfort zone. Here are some options to consider:

  1. I know it can be too intimidating for some people to just engage in a conversation with strangers, so you may need some help to get moving. This is the case when joining a sports team or acting class (or whatever you like) proves very useful.
  2. Instead of having lunch alone somewhere is a corner, join a table with a large group of people. A canteen is a place where you can eat healthy and make new friends at the same time.
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Strike a balance

On the contrary, those who feel fatigued from being constantly involved in too many activities should learn to spend time alone and enjoy it. Believe me, it’s more difficult than it sounds. Whenever I stay alone for too long, I get restless, and ominous thoughts start to occupy my mind. In this case, it is important to get moving, for instance, go for a walk in the park, where you can be among people and still have time to ponder over some things.

Take care of your body

Mental health can only be maintained along with the physical well-being. I understand that it may sound too preachy, yet I wouldn’t say that were it not true. You need to eat healthy food and have enough sleep. These are essential things to make your mind and body work.

College life is like a bumpy road. You are bound to have your ups and downs no matter what you do. But with the help of these tips, you are more likely to keep your wits about and make new friends to walk this road together.