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Exposition implies a kind of communication either in writing or speech. An expository essay is defined as a well-structured piece of writing that explains a certain topic or ideas to readers. According to expository essay definition, such a piece of writing is used for different tests, such as the SAT, or for exams. They can also be the assignments that can be prepared at home and not in the class.

An expository essay should include analysis. Such essays may or may not have a key argument. This type of writing is different from other essays in the argument and research level that they employ. Whereas expository essays have to make an emphasis on a certain topic and to highlight their points or ideas with concrete examples, they are not supposed to give corroborative argument or research needed for the research assignments. For instance, with standardized tests or exams the examples used to support student’s viewpoints should be grounded on student’s experience and knowledge obtained during their life. Be ready that you may be asked to write such essay on any of expository essay topics the list ofwhich can easily be found online.Consider that unlike other companies working in the industry of academic writing we provide some expository essay examples on our website free of charge.

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 Expository Essay Structure and Main Requirements

The following type of essay has specific requirements, which are considered a standard:

  • An understandable thesis statement aimed at establishing and sustaining your focus.
  • The first paragraph, also known as an opening, is supposed to introduce your thesis.
  • Three or four body paragraphs are to present specific pieces of evidence to show your analytic or informative points.
  • Transitions from one paragraph to another one allow connecting your ideas.
  • The conclusion is to make an emphasis on your key idea but you should repeat nothing already stated.

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Professional Writing of Expository Essay Is Not an Easy Task

The expository essay formula is the five-paragraph essay. In case you have no experience in writing essays it is considered a very productive method to commence with since it is straightforward and basic. The following type of essay includes the above-listed elements:

  1. The introduction should comprise a concise, clear and understandable thesis statement.
  2. Three body paragraphs should provide some pieces of evidence, as well as analysis connecting these pieces of evidence to the thesis statement.
  3. The conclusion is supposed to sum up the essay by re-estimating the thesis statement in light of the pieces of evidence given in the body of the essay.

While the five-paragraph structure can give you a helpful and useful formula to work with it is regarded only one among a great number of other options, and its suitability may depend on such factors as the essay complexity and length. If you are supposed to write an essay that is more than three pages long then it should be more than five paragraphs. In the majority of cases the structure of a longer work is supposed to be the same as that of the five-paragraph one with the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion, but the body paragraphs number may increase from three to five or even more. The length of the paragraphs can also increase considering the essay length.

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Start by reading your assignment very carefully to make sure you comprehend it yourself. Then find a specific topic that fits the given task. It is of great significance that you narrow your topic so that it becomes closely relevant to the given assignment. Prepare a brief and clear outline as well as a thesis statement. Try to provide an interesting and unique perspective on the chosen topic and formulate your thesis. Consider that it should emphasize the uniqueness too.

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Think of specific examples you may apply to reflect your key points concerning your topic. The following examples can be taken from your experience, knowledge, or learning. Every example must be connected to your key idea. You should devote one paragraph to every of your key examples. Your outline should be completed by considering a meaningful way to finish your essay. Take into account that according to the expository essay format, the conclusion is to summarize all the key points, without repeating what you have mentioned earlier.

College Papers Main Tips

Your expository essay should be aimed at performing the tasks that merge and overlap smoothly with one another:

  • Give definitions of your key ideas or terms.
  • Describe certain examples.
  • Find the main thread among the chosen examples.
  • Contrast and compare your evidence or examples as well as their relation to the thesis statement.
  • Analyze all the causes and effects among the chosen examples.
  • Connect all the examples to the central idea, as well as to one another.
  • Proofread your essay. Avoid the most evident or frequently used examples. Remember that your readers should learn something compelling from your essay whether it is an unusual or interesting perspective on the chosen topic.

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