How to Apply to a USA University

US universities are increasingly popular among students all over the world as they offer many benefits and more chances for a successful future career. The quality of US education attracts young people thus making them more interested than ever before in how exactly to become an American student. In this article, you will learn some basic aspects that will help start a simple application process for universities in the USA and make your American dream come true.

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What should you start with?

First, start preparing ahead. The more time you have, the better chances to succeed are. In fact, it is recommended to start getting ready in a year, so that you have enough time to:

  1. consider your A-level or IB choices
  2. choose a subject
  3. complete the SAT examinations in time
  4. take care of your extra-curricular pursuits
  5. choose a university that meets your criteria (the atmosphere, available subjects, extra-curricular options)

What exactly American university application process is?

In fact, applying for admission to enter a university in the USA is not too complicated. Approximately 400 universities require the Common Application.  However, the majority will ask their potential students to write an essay to find out more about candidates.

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What fees should you consider?

  1. Application fees.While dealing with American university application process one should remember that the institutions charge fees for applications, which vary from £30 to £60.
  2. Education fees.Education in the United States will cost you about £9,800-£19,000 a year, including living expenses, such as accommodation, transport, supplies, visas, etc.

However, the good news is that you can count on scholarships, which are granted for significant academic or sport achievements or given to students whose families have insufficient income.

What exams do you need to pass?

You have to pass the SAT or ACT exam on your choice but the majority of competitive universities require the main SAT aptitude paper and 2-3 subject-specific examinations.

Now you are aware of how to start the application process and prepare yourself and your wallet for the future education. Consider all the points and you will have much better chances to enter an institution of your dream.