IB Extended Essay Guide: How to Nail It

The International Baccalaureate programmes are prestigious and popular today, as they offer not only quality education, but also an exceptional experience of international communication and exchange. Studying at IB implies doing various kinds of writing assignments, with extended essay being one of the most frequently given ones.

Despite being called an essay, this type of writing is actually closer to the definition of research paper related to any topic of your interest. The weight of this assignment cannot be overestimated: it determines one’s grades and the success of their IB diploma. Therefore, you might find the IB extended essay guide a valuable helper for completing this assignment.


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Tips for Handling an IB Extended Essay Assignment

Undoubtedly, once you receive the task, you should build it according to the extended essay rubric provided by your professor. The rubric will contain the main requirements to the content, style, volume and format, and it is extremely important to meet them accurately. Apart from that, the following IB extended essay tips can be useful:

  • Use respected sources. Base your research on reliable scientific articles and books that have been published recently and are acknowledged by experts. This will add credibility to your work and increase its scientific value.
  • Make an outline. Planning your essay before writing will help to design a clear structure and present the main ideas fully.
  • Cite the references correctly. Clarify which citation style is required and use it for proper referencing.
  • Proofread your essay after it is ready. Check the use of language, paper structure, logical order of ideas, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. Make sure that the text is coherent.

IB Extended Essay Writing Service

It often happens so that students do not have ample time to complete their IB extended essay. Indeed, this kind of writing allows no rush: you need to work on the topic, search through the Internet and attend libraries to find all the necessary resources, process tones of new information, and deal with the actual writing. Taking into consideration the numerous other activities involved in earning an IB diploma, it can be hard to manage the time properly and cope with all the tasks. Besides, even if you find time to do this paper, it takes a number of various skills to do it.

You need to be good at researching, writing for academic purposes, arranging the text properly, presenting ideas effectively, etc. Clearly, this assignment is not simple, which is why many students opt for delegating it to professionals, who know how to write it properly. WritingLeader.com is the company where such professionals work, and an extended essay can be ordered there. Since IB extended essay impacts the final grades and your diploma, it can be a wise decision to trust it to an expert, rather than writing it on your own.


The Value of an International Baccalaureate Extended Essay

Your essay is just a tip of the iceberg, as it only presents the main points of an extensive independent research you must perform. Thus, the major part of work needs to be done before the actual writing, and, according to the IB extended essay guide, it has so many aspects to address and so many requirements that you will need to spend all your time and focus attention on the research. It is impossible to do this quickly, so you need to plan your schedule beforehand, giving a proper amount of time to the research.

Moreover, after the research is finished, you will need to compose an essay of approximately 4000 words, which is about 14 pages. Obviously, that cannot be done in 1-2 days either. It is clear that time management is crucial for completing an extended essay on time. However, it is often hard for the students to stick to the work plan, and by the end of the year, the piles of assignments are causing a lot of pressure and distracting from extended essay writing. What would you do in such situation? Compromise the quality of the IB extended essay and do it fast, or ignore other important tasks and do the extended essay properly? We think that neither option is suitable, so an alternative should be applied.

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Advantages of Purchasing a Professional International Baccalaureate Extended Essay

In the conditions of pressuring deadlines and strict requirements, we find professional writing services the best solution for all students. WritingLeader.com is ideal for those who seek assistance with their IB extended essay for many reasons. First of all, here you can find tips for IB extended essay and the information related to this assignment. Secondly, our company can make an essay based on your research, or do both the writing and the research if you have nothing yet.

Finally, at WritingLeader.com you can receive much more than writing: we also offer revising, proofreading, formatting, editing and other services. We can help you to come up with a topic, and our expert writers can work with any subject and areas of research. There is no limit for us: tell us what you need, and we will arrange it for you.

The Process for Buying IB Extended Essay

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Why Choose WritingLeader.com

Would you like to have your IB extended essay written by an experienced and highly qualified writer with a Master’s degree in your academic field? At WritingLeader.com, it is absolutely possible! In our big team of professional writers, there will definitely be the one whose skills and education is perfect for your assignment. This person will be assigned to you, and he or she will write your International Baccalaureate extended essay from scratch.

Your vision and your professor’s instructions will be followed accurately, as well as the highest standards of academic papers’ quality. Besides, you can keep in touch with the writer during their work by messaging. Our prices are adequate, and you can choose the deadline you need, even if it is as short as 1 day, or even less.

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