Professional Memo Writing Guidelines

Many business companies use all kinds of written communication, with memorandum being one of the most effective. This type of document is short and informative, and can be compared to semi-formal email letters that are sent between departments. Composing a memo is one of the basic skills required for office workers today, which is why learning how to do it can play a vital role in your career. In this article, we have provided professional memo writing guidelines for those who strive to develop their writing skills.

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Target AudienceTarget Audience

Your target audience is what determines the style and content of your writing. Depending on the addressee, choose the needed level of formality. In addition, consider how involved this person is in the work of your company. In case they are familiar with the inner processes of your firm’s work, you can operate the special terms of your company and go into details, while for a non-related person, more explanations and a more general language might be needed. Thus, while doing your memo writing assignment, pay a special attention to the target reader and make a little research about them if needed.

Purpose Purpose

As a rule, memos are sent to inform about certain processes and events that are happening in the company. New regulations, changes in the order of work, important announcements, information about meetings and other information can be placed on memos. Therefore, the purpose of a memo writing is to announce or remind about certain news.

Style Style

Clarity and conciseness are the basic features of a memo writing. Thus, to compose it properly, avoid complicated formulations and long sentences, as well as too many details about the information provided. In addition, make sure that your language is semi-formal: keep the balance between an overly official tone and a style that is too friendly. In general, memo writing format requires nothing more than well-arranged theses, so remain neutral, and your writing will be appropriate.

Format Format

Semi-formal documents have no strict requirements regarding the typing details, so what is the format of a memo? As a rule, this kind of document is typed with single spacing, while the paragraphs are separated with an additional space. The main ideas should be arranged in a way that is visually clear and easy to read. To do this, you can use bullet points, lists, subheadings, etc. Memos usually take about half of a page and contain the following sections: heading, body, and closing.


In the heading, inform the reader about the main purpose of the memo.

Body Body

The body part of your memo should get straight to the point, presenting the main message right away. It should consist of just a few important ideas, with no lengthy explanations, backgrounds or extra comments. You should include all the specific data relating to the event, meeting, or regulation that is addressed in the memo, such as dates, deadlines, numbers, rules, etc. Remember that no unnecessary details should be given.

To make sure that the document is brief and informative, a good idea is to go through your memo once it is composed, and try to simplify and shorten every sentence. In case a sentence cannot be cut, it is concise enough. In case some words can be omitted without any damage to the content, then you should exclude the extra information and leave only the most significant points.

Closing Closing

The last one or two sentences of your memo should contain a call for action, so that the reader would know what is expected from him or her. For example, the closing can make a certain request, ask a question, encourage the reader to do something, etc. According to the professional memo writing guidelines, at the end of a memo, no goodbyes are written, but a contact information and a signature is required.

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