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What Is a Movie Critique?

A movie critique aka a film critique is a type of academic writing task which requires one to provide a brief overview of the given movie as well as to critically evaluate its main features and aspects. As a rule, when a student is assigned to write a movie critique essay, he/ she is expected to adhere to specific academic writing standards as well as to some specific guidelines connected with movie critique writing. If you ask what is particular about a professionally written movie critique, our professional writers will definitely tell you that an effective and proper review should be objective. An average movie goer or an amateur critique may not be well-versed in the principles o analytical writing, and may thus provide some subjective option. However, if you want to deliver a successful movie critique, maintain objectivity. 

When you are assigned to write movie critique for college or university course, be ready to devote sufficient time for movie watching. If you are analyzing a movie, you may need to watch the movie at least twice. Why? - Because you need to grasp the general message of the movie in order to understand it properly. Further, you need to pay attention to some plot details, interaction among the characters, emotions that the movie evokes in you, your impressions of the movie, the aftertaste it leaves, and so on.

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How to Write a Movie Critique? Tips and Guidelines from Experts

Since a movie critique is just one of the numerous types of academic writing, it also has its specific standards and requirements. To cope with the task successfully, you will need to follow such tips:

  • Identify the movie genre. After you have defined it, analyze the movie within the genre’s realm. Check whether the movie meets the criteria.
  • Evaluate the central movie’s story. Investigate the plot, single out its elements, figure out what tools are used in the movie, what the principles of storytelling are, and so on. Highlight whether the movie is logical when it comes to the development of events. Are the ideas presented in a coherent way? 
  • Focus on the script and analyze it. Are the dialogues meaningful and logical? Are the ideas presented consistently? What about the monologues: are they effective and convincing?
  • Share your personal opinion. Do not strive to be neutral: if you emotionally react towards some events or some dialogues, specify it in this section. Share your viewpoints on what can be improved in the movie. 
  • Add examples from the movie to illustrate and support your opinions. Use quotes when necessary, but remember to cite them properly according to the required formatting style.

Hopefully, these tips will ease you the writing process and will help you to cope with your movie critique essay assignment effectively. However, if you lack inspiration or simply do not want to waste your time or energy on this time-consuming assignment, you can trust your paper to our experienced and qualified movie critique writers. 

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Structure of a Movie Critique Essay

  1. Introduction. Start with a brief overview of the movie, its plot, the main ideas, and characters. At the end of the introduction, please formulate a strong thesis statement, where you will include the main argument. 
  2. The main body. In the body paragraphs, relate to the ideas mentioned in the thesis statement. Keep in mind that one paragraph should be devoted to one idea. It is important to closely address each of the ideas. 
  3. Conclusion. Reiterate the main ideas from the thesis statement. Do not introduce any new information. You may just provide your personal opinion on the movie (like whether it is worth watching or not).

Free Movie Critique Example from Our Experts

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Movie Critique Essay Writing Services

The essence of movie critique writing is to provide a comprehensive critical evaluation of a specific movie. To do so, a writer needs to watch the movie attentively by paying attention to all details. First, a writer needs to come up with a brief movie overview. Second, it is essential to provide an objective argumentative part that refers to the discussion of the movie’s strengths and weaknesses. As well as that, a writer needs to provide a personal evaluation of the movie and make a conclusion whether the movie is worth watching on the whole or not. 

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