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So what is narrative essay writing all about? The narrative style of writing is a type of expository writing and, to a larger extent than other styles, it provides the writer with the opportunity to look at themselves, think about themselves and write something accordingly. Every individual’s memory is full of experiences, many of which are worthy of sharing with others.

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Narrative writing can be closely likened to story-telling. A narrative essay is written from a clearly defined viewpoint (usually the one that belongs to the writer) so the work typically includes emotions or feelings as well as solid and sensory information. This helps to involve the reader in the sequence and various parts of the story. Verb usage should be very accurate and vivid. There should be a point in a narrative essay, around which all paper will revolving. Usually this poin is mentioned in the first sentence or, sometimes, in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

When writing a narrative essay the writer must make sure he/she includes all the elements of a storytelling – a plot, setting, characters, build-up, climax and an ending. It is a good idea to refer to or use a narrative essay example if you want further guidance on how to do this. The story is usually fleshed out with detail explaining or enhancing the narrative. Every bit of text should be linked to the writer’s main point. Here are the key features of a narrative essay:

  • Written from a particular viewpoint
  • Makes a point and supports it throughout the paper
  • Details should be accurate, as with most types of custom writing essays
  • Modifiers and verbs should be accurate as to their meaning
  • Should use the type of plot, sequence and conflict commonly found in stories
  • Dialogues

The primary purpose of narrative reports is to provide a description of something. A lot of students confuse narrative reports with college-style essays. The level of information provided in a narrative type of essay is rather basic compared to other types of writing. Essentially, a narrative report does not require the same high level of thinking that is expected with an essay.

For instance, a book report is an example of narrative report writing insofar as it provides an outline of a book’s content – a plot (possibly), scenes (possibly), characters and the actions of the characters. Hence, it describes “what happens” in the book’s plot but it also omits a great deal of things. The information that is omitted relates to what the book is all about – its underlying meaning. Similarly, a narrative report does not discuss the events of a text in the context of any underlying message. Unlike college essays, a narrative report usually does not touch on the writer’s viewpoint or the purpose for writing a text. Once an event is chosen, there are three rules the writer should bear in mind:

  • Make sure to get the reader involved in the story. An event is more interesting when it is recreated for the reader rather than just told (do not forget you can always get professional assistance from a US or UK essay writing service like WritingLeader if you need help with this).
  • Find a general theme that the story supports. This is the best way of giving meaning to the writer’s own experience.
  • While the story is the main substance of the narrative, details need to be chosen carefully to explain, support and enhance the writing. Again, you may want to refer to one of our sample narrative essay papers for further guidance on this.

Primary Rules of Narrative Essay Writing

Keep these rules in mind when writing a narrative essay:

  • A narrative is usually written from the first person (“I”) perspective. However, you can also use the third person (it, she or he).
  • To convey its main point a narrative needs some sensory detail. This detail is the hallmark of a good essay and will give your work a more unified and powerful feeling.
  • A relatively easy essay, a narrative should contain the same elements as a story e.g. a plot with characters, setting, climax and end.

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Buy Narrative Essay Online

Whether you buy an essay or write your own, the following are some examples of popular narrative topic directions:

  • A first experience of college/university
  • A memorable trip
  • A moment of great success

It is important that the topic you choose for your essay is interesting and meaningful to you because the most successful essays are those that are based on a subject the writer holds dear. If you need any more help or advice, feel free to request a narrative essay sample from We will provide one so that you can check how a good narrative essay looks like.

We trust this article answers your question, “what is narrative essay writing?”. If you still have some questions you can always contact us for more information.