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The phenomenon of social media in modern world cannot be underestimated. People spend much time in their account making new friends, learning new information, communication with each other, etc. This phenomenon has received reflection in academic life as well. Students are assigned with social media essay writing often even though they do not always know what the papers should be about. It should be noted that social media essay topics can be different. 

Considering how important such platforms as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are for many people worldwide, it is not surprising that they are paid so much attention in the modern academic circles. These platforms influence the way people live, what they do, eat, etc. As a result, social media should be studies properly in order to understand the phenomenon better. However, writing papers about social media is not that easy as writing a post on Facebook. Being a blogger does not mean to be a good academic writer, because these types of writing different significantly. Our article will provide you with a list of suggested topics that can be used in the process of writing a paper about social media.

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Different Types of Essay about Social Media 

Writing a paper on social media is a quite tricky task. The deal is that regardless of the fact that basically everyone in the modern world is on social media, it may not be that easy to write about one or some of its aspects. One of the most important things for completing the task successfully is to choose a proper topic. After that, it will be much easier to cover it and write a high quality essay. 

The other thing you should pay attention to is what type of an essay you need to write. It will help you narrow down the topic choice. Moreover, it will also influence what and how you write it. The most widespread types of asocial media essays include the following:

1.  Argumentative essay. This paper is based on some argument the writer provides in its thesis statement. For this paper type, you should choose a position you support in regard to this or that issues and try to prove it by using reliable and convincing evidences. Some suggested topics for this essay type may include:

  • Is social media good or bad for adults?
  • Is social media a way to personal development or just a waste of time?
  • Does social media make better or harm in modern society?

2.  Persuasive essay. The aim of this paper type is to persuade the audience in something. To achieve this, you will have to provide your opinion and provide logical and strong argument to prove your point. You will have to apply critical thinking skills to complete this essay. Some topics of social media persuasive essay include:

  • Negative effects social media has on modern people
  • Influence of social media on shaping users’ behavior
  • Positive side of using social media platforms 
  • Social media and its negative influence on self-esteem
  • Positive side of Instagram

3.  Satire essay. This essay type deals with criticizing something in a sarcastic manner. In this essay type, such elements are present as hyperbole, irony, etc. This essay type may be difficult to complete as compared to format academic writing, it requires creativity and a little bit more informal approach. Topic examples for this social media essay are:

  • Isolation caused by using social media
  • How addicted are you? Social media as a voluntary imprisonment  
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Structure of Social Media Paper

Regardless of social media essay topics, the structure of such papers remains more or less the same. Basic parts of this paper include:

  • Introduction with thesis
  • Body (3 to 5 paragraphs)
  • Conclusion

Considering the popularity of such social platforms as, for example, Facebook, it is not surprising that students get more and more assignment connected to discussing social media platforms. In order to make such papers interesting, it is recommended to start them with providing a hook. A hook is an unusual statement, quote, facts, statistical data, etc. that are connected to the paper topic. Such hooks are called to make the readers interested in what you are going to cover in your paper. Further, brief introduction of the chosen topic should be provided in the introduction, which end with a thesis statement, which is a central idea of the whole essay. Successful essay is an essay that raises some interesting question or discusses some debatable issue. So, it is strongly recommended not to write a paper on the first topic that comes up to your mind. It is better to brainstorm some innovative ideas and then choose the one that is the most interesting to work on. Make sure you find enough information to cover the topic and to provide relevant and up-to-date facts. Do not forget to mention the opposite views and provide a rebuttal if necessary. 

Essay conclusion is all about summarizing the facts discovered in the main body. Restate your thesis and provide the key facts from your paper that support it. Some essays require providing call to action, which can be placed at the end of conclusion. 


Choosing Social Media Essay Topics

Writing process usually starts from choosing a topic. Social media papers writing is not an exception. Before going down to writing, you should think about what topic to choose. For this reason, think about what interests you most and what topic you find easy to work with. You can use a wide variety of approaches from providing your personal idea to working with facts and statistics. 

In order to choose a good topic, think about modern trends connected to social media. What areas are paid most attention to? What area is the most discussed? What areas should be paid more attention to? Some of the social media paper topics may include the following:

  1. Does using social media has connection to performance of kids at school?
  2. Is it possible to ban social media at schools?
  3. Instagram and loneliness: What makes people lose their privacy willingly?
  4. What are the positive effects of social media on modern society?
  5. Is it true that social media reduce people’s ability to look for reliable information?
  6. Does social media lead to overconsumption of information?
  7. Real life vs cyber life: Where is the line between the two?
  8. How do social media platforms help improve the ability to socialize?
  9. Social media: World without borders
  10. Social media and privacy: Is it possible to remain private online?
  11. The ways of monitoring information on social media
  12. Social network is an effective tool to reach peace in the world
  13. Social media provides better business opportunities
  14. How to use social media to gain financial profit
  15. To follow or not to follow: How do modern bloggers shape lifestyle habits of people?
  1. How do social media influence real life relationship? 
  2. Does the education suffer because of social media? 
  3. Why is it important for a company to be present on social media? 
  4. Social media improve the quality of distant learning
  5. How does social media platforms influence people’s ability to socialize?
  6. Whom can I trust online?
  7. In which way does social media influence printing industry? Will newspapers disappear? 
  8. Why do people post on Instagram?
  9. Why is social media not safe?
  10. 10 reasons not to create account on Facebook
  11. Ways to protect children from online bullying
  12. How can social media be used in modern society to make it better?
  13. How does communication online differ from real-life communication? 
  14. Why I cannot stop posting on Instagram? 
  15. How using social media platforms can lead to suicide?

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