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Where hiring the most talented essay writers is concerned, WritingLeader does everything possible to ensure our team is the best one you can find online. Each one of our all-American writers understands what you want and expect when you order papers online. This factor is significant in making our writing service one of the best in the industry. Other writing companies may offer prices that are a little lower our company is totally unrivalled in terms of writing quality, facilities and customer support. What’s more, all this is possible because of the exceptional talent of the writers we hire. Continue reading, put your skepticism aside, and learn why our writers are the best in our industry.

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Why the Writers at WritingLeader are better than the Rest?

Any individual can go to a classified ads website and say they write college essays and papers in return for payment. Clearly a lot of those who do this provide scant information about who they are and what products they offer. You may even have tried one of these writers if you have been looking to buy papers online. If you found their work satisfactory it is unlikely you would be reading this article nor would the numerous customers who use our writing service for almost all their academic assignments. One of the reasons we hang on to our customers so successfully is because our education requirements and training procedures are very strict. Simply put, the writers we employ are the most professional and the most highly educated out of all the larger scale writing companies.

Every essay writer at WritingLeader at least has a Bachelor’s degree. Those with PhD and Master’s degrees are assigned to the more difficult assignments and others concentrate on helping college level students. However, the writers need more than a degree to work for us. Prior to even being allowed to work on customer orders they must complete various test papers so that our recruitment team can evaluate their work to ensure they are capable of writing well as well as meeting different kinds of instructions. Although all our writers come from different backgrounds each one of them is very accomplished at completing both professional and academic assignments. The training program our writers are required to undergo in-house is another way of ensuring their work will meet the particular style and high-quality standards that make WritingLeader stand out among the rest of writing agencies.

What are the Qualities that Distinguish the Writers at WritingLeader?

Writers are not all equal, especially when it comes to quality. The writing requirements for academic assignments and some of them have specific peculiarities that a creative or technical writer might not be capable of fulfilling. The writers at WritingLeader are specially trained to understand what each essay requires and to complete it in the way expected of the particular educational level of the customer whether that is Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD. Generally speaking, anyone who is an essay writer should be able to develop a well-worded central thesis and provide adequate material to support that thesis. The writer must carefully choose and word the thesis statement so that it can be appropriately argued throughout the essay.

It would be inappropriate to write six pages of nonsensical argument for a paper that should be two pages long or the other way around. The writers at WritingLeader do not need to rely on “fluff” or “filler material” because they are sufficiently good at constructing scholarly arguments and are instructed by our managers to only include relevant material. This protects you from poor grades. Furthermore, our proficient writers understand that a thesis statement must take a particular place and that there must be another or opposing side os the argument. However, they know they need not concern themselves unduly with opposing arguments. The only thing that is important is that the thesis matches the essay’s purpose and from there our writers concentrate on supporting their particular stance. The thesis statement and argument should be included in the introductory paragraph which also indicates in a concise manner what is to follow.

Our writers are constantly reminded that the thesis should be placed in the introductory paragraph so that your tutor or professor does not have to search for it – another factor that will benefit your marks. From this point the crucial question is whether the writer understands the logic and how well organized the evidence is. Our writers excel at doing both. They are experienced researchers and they know what types of sources are suitable or unsuitable for a specific assignment. Moreover, they will include the precise number of sources you ask for so that your tutor does not accuse you of not researching your subject matter well enough. We additionally show our writers how to select source material for citation making sure it is always relevant.

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The Writers at WritingLeader Cite Source Material Correctly

Another sign of our writers’ expertise is their ability to cite all sources properly. Relevant sources are so well integrated that they fit smoothly into the essay and read as though they were a natural part of the text, instead of sticking out as strange information that only matches the argument in a vague sort of way. The key to great essay writing is fitting in the evidence so that it is logical and stylistically correct and our writing staff is required to have this skill. Logic need not or should not be complex or confusing.

Regardless of the academic level of the assignment the arguments put forward should read sensibly and mesh together in a legible manner so that the text is easy to understand from the outset. However, we understand that all essays requirements are unique. A writer at doctoral level essay should demonstrate a higher level of sophistication than a school essay writer. To cater for such cases the writers at WritingLeader are categorized according to their levels of education so you need not worry about such matters once you have submitted your order. We will always assign your order to a writer who is sufficiently skilled to cater for your particular level.

What Makes the Writers at WritingLeader Better than Others?

There are plenty of reasons for saying that the writing staff at WritingLeader is the best in our industry. The training, qualifications and education of our employees have already been mentioned so we don't want to repeat all of that. There are, however, more fundamental reasons to make that statement. Every one of our school and college essay writers is a native English-speaking American. This is not to say that people whose native language is something other than English are not good writers, but there is a level of fluency and comfort that derives from speaking a particular language from birth. And this familiarity gives the writers at WritingLeader a distinct advantage over some of our rivals who outsource projects to various parts of Europe and Asia. The native English-speaking writers at WritingLeader were brought up and educated in the USA, which ensures you get an all-American product.

Maybe this does not matter so much to you but even if so it will not harm you anyway. It simply means you will get a paper that is coherent, flows smoothly and is devoid of those small mistakes that are sometimes the trademark of a writer who was brought up with a different language and grammar structure. It is also against our policy to hand your assignment over blindly to any writer. Although we trust our staff implicitly, especially after doing such strict hiring and training procedures with all of our employees we understand there is always scope for error with humans. It is for this reason we put every paper through a vigorous quality control process before it is delivered to you. Even while our writers are writing for you and interacting with you our writing managers are monitoring all communication resolving misunderstandings and making sensible decisions about your assignment to ensure it is the best we can possibly produce. Every aspect of your paper from grammar and content to formatting and source selection is first reviewed by your assigned writer and then by our quality assurance experts.

We are conversant with the different writing styles and our writers work hard to integrate these styles accurately and smoothly into your assignment taking into account even the smallest grammatical and formatting detail that makes each style unique. The thesis statement, the logic used to support it, and the overall quality of each paper is minutely examined and attended to so that there is little if any excuse to request the free revisions we offer all of which saves precious time. Lastly, the writers at WritingLeader are urged to communicate with you in a professional manner so that you always know how your order is being dealt with and how it is progressing. The writers we make available to you are helpful, friendly, calm, knowledgeable and delighted to have the opportunity to write your paper and ensure you get nothing but value for your money.

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