In order to make sure that your paper meets professor’s requirements and does not contain mistakes, you should use our proofreading services. When cooperating with our agency, you will get considerable advantages.

Why Use Our Editing and Proofreading Services?

When you use our online services, you will always get a paper written in accordance with your instructions. We ensure that it will not contain any grammatical mistakes or typos. It should be noted that our team consists of well-educated editors and writers. All of them know grammatical rules perfectly well and are able to write academic works in the language most educational establishments require. Our qualified specialists check every single document to make sure that our customers receive error free essays of top quality. By the way, people can find the information about us just by using their cellular phones as our website is now mobile-friendly too. Thus, you have an excellent opportunity to access the site whenever you want and wherever you are. You can always get in touch with our experts in case you need professional online proofreading assistance.


In order to get help from our company, you should first place an order at WritingLeader and make a payment. When your assignment is completed, you will be informed by e-mail. When placing an order, you need to provide some of the essential details. It is necessary to indicate your educational level and the number of pages your work should contain. Besides, do not forget to set the deadline. Our specialists need to know how much time they have to prepare a particular paper. We would also like to let you know that the price at our website depends on the aforementioned parameters. Thus, you can easily count the price for the order on your own.

When the payment transaction is made, one of our experts will be assigned to work on your order. You should know that there are various options of paying for your project. You can pay online via PayPal or using your credit card. We accept such types of cards as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc.

You can contact us any time. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with one of our support agents. Our operators will instantly respond to all your inquiries. In case you want your essay to be revised, you can always submit a revision request. We will pay close attention to this issue and do our best to solve it as fast as possible. Once the paper is written, we will send you an e-mail notification or a text message to your cellular phone.

You should know that we have created an effective messaging system allowing for efficient communication between all parties. Thus, when using our proofreading and editing service, you will be able to communicate with the assigned proofreader directly. He/she will answer all your questions and clarify key issues of the paper if needed. By the way, you can always send our professionals additional guidelines on the order using this system. Furthermore, your academic work will be delivered to your account with the help of this messaging system.

Mobile Services

Now, you can access WritingLeader not only by using your computer, but also a cell phone. This unique feature allows you to browse the site from any place. All you need to have is a smartphone with the internet. Besides, it is even more convenient than using a computer, as your mobile device is more compact. Now you can easily contact us and receive updates on the order status using your iPhone, Android, or iPad device. The most important thing is to have access to the Internet or be in the Wi-Fi area. Thus, you can always keep in touch with us even if you are in the cinema or café.

Revision Policy

If you ordered a paper from the WritingLeader experts, you need to know that you can ask for a revision to be made for no additional fee. However, the request has to be submitted within 14 days after the order has been completed. We ensure that the assigned writer will thoroughly revise your work. Professors sometimes impose very demanding requirements on essay writing. As a result, students are often unable to meet them. Nevertheless, our experienced specialists can cope with any assignment due to their extensive experience. You can be sure that you will receive a perfect essay when using our academic proofreading and writing services. It is necessary to say that our professionals work efficiently. It means that they will make a revision very fast and you will get a good quality paper done on time.

Native Speaking Writers

There is one distinctive feature that differs us from other online writing agencies. The point is that we hire American writers while other companies employ staff members from other countries. It is understandable that they do not know English perfectly and cannot provide clients with original papers. On the contrary, our writers are proficient specialists. They know everything about grammar, punctuation, writing styles, etc. Thus, all the sentences of your work will be grammatically correct. The punctuation marks will take the right places and all the words will be used appropriately. Moreover, our experts hold degrees in different disciplines. Thus, they can prepare an authentic paper on pretty much any subject.

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Our Quality Services

Do you want to write a paper on your own? The main thing is not to worry. We will give you handy tips on how to prepare a unique piece of writing. Besides, it is does not matter whether you a high school or university student. We are ready to give everyone professional assistance. You should remember that you can always buy an academic project from our agency in case some problems occur.

By the way, before you submit your work, it is necessary to check it for mistakes. Thus, you can contact us and say, “Proofread my essay, please.” This is all you need to say really. No matter whether your essay is long or short, whether its topic is easy or complicated, we will check carefully every single sentence. Surely, there are a lot of computer programs that can detect grammatical mistakes. However, they don't always work. But you probably know that if your paper contains any mistakes, you will likely not get a high grade. Therefore, you should use our services without hesitation and get yourself on the safe ground in these matters.

A Fresh Look

It happens that students, who want to proofread papers on their own, often miss some minor mistakes. The thing is that sometimes, we see what we want to see. That is why we may not notice misspelled words or omitted articles. To put it another way, a writer thinks that he/she sees that everything is written correctly, while it is just the other way around. Therefore, it is much better to ask someone else to edit your work. However, you need to address a real professional and not somebody who knows nothing about professional proofreading. Our qualified specialists polish thousands of academic works to perfection so they won't have a problem proofreading yours as well. Apart from this, we always check the level of coherence of a paper. It is very good to submit essays that have no mistakes, but they should also be clear and fully cover the selected topic. All teachers demand it. The problem is that not everybody is good at writing. All students must complete writing assignments whether they are taking classes in Literature or Economics. Your professor will still expect you to produce a perfect work in terms of grammar, punctuation, and syntax. At WritingLeader we guarantee that your professor will be more than satisfied with the submitted project.

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The Process for Buying Proofreading

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We Will Correct All the Mistakes

You may consider yourself a fantastic writer. No one argues that you can create interesting pieces of writing. However, even the best writers make mistakes and have considerable difficulties with keeping a proper structure and format. You may have creative imagination and easily write compositions without paying attention to grammar rules. Under the circumstances, you definitely need some assistance of those who possess remarkable proofreading skills. One can say that only journalists have to edit their articles. But that is a misleading thought. The papers students submit have to be perfectly edited as well. It does not matter whether you are a student of the language department or just have to write essays in accordance with the educational program. Staff members at WritingLeader are are always eager to give you a helping hand in editing your works.

Dedication and Hard Work

We can proudly claim that we are the best company on the market. Why? The answer is very simple – we always provide first-class proofreading services. The thing is that we never employ people who are not able to fulfill their responsibilities properly. The most important prerequisite for being hired (except being a native English speaker from the USA) is responsibility. We want to be confident that our writers can prepare authentic papers, as our major aim is to provide customers with what they need. That is why all our applicants take a set of tests to demonstrate their skills and qualifications. Besides, every our specialist has to hold a degree in a certain area of study, i.e. History, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, etc. Certainly, all of them were students and had to complete all the complicated assignments given by their professors. However, they have achieved their goals. Now, they are leading specialists in their academic fields available to assist you in achieving your own success.

Our experts realize that it is very hard to find a job, especially a decent one. The demands on the applicants are enormous. Thus, you have to get excellent grades in all subjects in order to get a degree in a particular discipline. You do want to build a brilliant career, don’t you? During the years of studies, you will have to carry out various academic projects and complete writing assignments. Whatever you writing skills are, you just have to complete all of the tasks given by the teachers.

In case you need an expert assistance with proofreading, editing, or formatting, feel free to contact WritingLeader anytime. Unlike our competitors we do not set unreasonably high prices. Get in touch with us today and you will get practical help from our professionals!