Writing a Research Proposal

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What Is Meant by a Research Proposal?

Even if your interest lies in knowing how to write a research paper proposal rather than buying one, you should still benefit from the information in this article. This advice was provided by a few of our best writers who have unrivaled insight when it comes to writing papers of this type. Contrary to anything you might have heard, it can be quite difficult to write a research proposal. A lot of students think this is an easy part of a research project but this assignment takes up a lot of time and it should be given the seriousness it deserves because it is the foundation you can develop your academic paper upon. Think, for instance, of being tasked with writing a proposal for a lengthy-term paper or even a dissertation. Usually, a student would need to collect a sufficient amount of credible information and solid facts to support one’s main assertion or thesis. However, a lot of people do not understand that this fact-finding phase of preparation and creating an outline on which to base their final paper could be crucial to their overall grading. The purpose of a proposal is to build a base for the paper. It fine-tunes a particular thesis and sets the path the author will follow to present their key idea or point. Essentially, this small piece of information, which may only total a few pages is meant to state what the writer plans to discuss and/or prove in the research paper that will follow. If you still find this concept difficult to grasp, you are welcome to contact one of our representatives for advice. They may be able to help get your project kick-started so that you can achieve your educational objectives, especially if you decide to buy the paper you need from us.

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Tips for Writing Research Proposals

The process of working out what you should include in your proposal can prove more of a challenge than actually writing the paper. However, to write an effective research paper proposal there are five central aspects and key subtopics that should be covered in a paper of this type:

  • An introduction
  • A methodology or research methods section
  • A literature review
  • A concluding paragraph
  • A bibliography


As you will see from inspecting any well-written research proposal sample this type of paper should always begin with an introductory paragraph blueprint. Although this type of document should not actually contain an introduction you need to propose some central arguments. This part of your paper should contain the thesis you intend to argue in the rest of the paper. Putting forward a thesis for a research proposal is not an easy task. However, if you order proposal papers from WritingLeader, you can be confident our expert writers will provide this important element. As of today our experts have undertaken an endless amount of research on a wide range of different topics so they are extremely proficient in numerous disciplines, covering everything from economics to biology and politics.


Another very important element of how effective a proposal turns out is the methodology section. This part of proposal writing is relatively easy. It describes how the writer will analyze the information he or she has gathered and how this information is to be used to prove one’s main point(s). Relating specifically to the proposal for a research project this section should also outline the context of the paper. If, for instance, you were writing a proposal for a paper about the Jackson presidency it is here you would describe the means you are using to study this subject and the perspective you are studying it from. Are you looking at this period from a political, economical or social perspective? Or are your interlinking different arguments into one overall theme? In the methods section it is also important to explain the relevancy of the argument being made. Additionally, it is a good idea to highlight and justify any academic or societal impact the results of the potential findings may have. Hence, these are the key elements of a research proposal’s methodology section. Should you decide to buy your proposal from WritingLeader you can trust the competency of our writers to include all of these important elements.

Literature Reviews

A literature review, often referred to as a lit review, is probably the most informative component of a proposal. In essence, it gives the reader an overview of the documents and texts the writer intends to use in the final research paper. Another unique aspect of a literature review is the presentation of any secondary sources the writer is using. Secondary sources differ from primary sources in that they interpret and tell a story or event from another person’s perspective rather than the person who is actually telling the story or recounting the event first-hand. Take the book ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F Scott Fitzgerald as an example. While the book itself makes a good primary source for studying the early 1900s era any academic texts or articles that use the book to develop arguments about that period can be considered as secondary sources. It is essential to understand how primary and secondary sources differ when writing research proposals, especially if you are to write a good literature review. You can, of course, buy a proposal on any number of topics from WritingLeader. Our helpful customer support team is always on hand to help you achieve your educational objectives.

The Concluding Paragraph

The purpose of this section of a research proposal should be obvious. The writer should use this section to bring the arguments made throughout their paper to a close. When working on this section do not forget to link back to your primary argument and thesis statement. It is essential not to use the same words and phrases you had in your introduction because it will sound repetitive, spoil the flow of your paper, impact the clarity and make it difficult to distinguish between your opening and closing remarks. Lastly, make sure you emphasize the ways you intent to arrive at a conclusion in your final research paper. When writing a proposal conclusion, draw attention to how you plan to use your study and primary source material to develop your central argument as well the importance of these in relation to one another. Do not forget to provide solid examples of what you believe your research project will achieve.

The Bibliography

The bibliography is the last section of a research proposal and it is crucial. A proposal bibliography differs from that in a final research paper insofar as it merely lists the sources the writer intends to use in his/her paper rather than properly citing them. Hence, the bibliography should list all the primary and secondary sources the writer plans to use in their final paper. It is essential to note that even if the writer is not firmly committed to using all the sources identified one should still list them in the proposal’s bibliography. Should you decide to buy a proposal or example of research proposal writing from us just visit our homepage and contact us. Rest assured that our diligent writers will treat your paper with the seriousness it deserves. These experts are experienced in their fields and understand how important a bibliography is to a research proposal. Therefore, you can be sure we will devote the utmost care to such an important assignment of yours.

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The Process for Buying a Research Proposal

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item 4 Order

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