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Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih

The book “Season of Migration to the North” by Tayeb Salih is a well-known Sudanese novel which has already b... Read more >>

Helping People See Colors in a World of Black and White

Psychotherapy has become one of the most successful sciences in addressing psychological problems in the soci... Read more >>

The Circle of the Rue Royale

James Tissot was a French painter of Italian lineage who lived and worked in Britain for a large part of his... Read more >>

Comparison of Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns

To begin with, Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns made a great contribution into the world of art. In the postw... Read more >>

Ethical Dilemma

Informed decision making is vital in the medical practice. One of the major factors that practitioners in thi... Read more >>

Ethical Issue and Proprietary Source Code

First of all, I would recommend you to consult your previous employer. The thing is that this case may become... Read more >>