Jul 4, 2019 in Ethics

Moral Issues & the Arts and Humanities Knowledge, Doubt, and Public Discourse

While liberalism has been applauded by the majority of Americans and has been in fact been considered an American attribute the same does not reflect the view of all Americans. While most Americans cherish the ideal of observation of the fundamental inalienable rights, some are of the view that such liberalism indeed creates havoc in the society and leads to the erosion of morals. Liberalism advocates for the freedom of press. It is natural therefore fore members of the press to be inclined towards liberalism. After all, it is natural for one to look at which side of their bread is buttered. Majority of the citizens rise to arms when the media. This raises the question “Is the media any more correct when it is biased towards popular opinion? Are we supposed to protest when the media shows biased towards political, social and economic stands with which we associate?”

The Media in the United States today usually systematically presents views that lean on liberalism. However, majority of Americans fail to criticize the media when it shows liberal bias as is the case when the media exhibits corporate bias, conservative bias, and mainstream bias. Liberal bias is evident today in both entertainment and news media. Some media houses often influence the selection and coverage of news unduly. Various watchdog groups often fail to come out against liberal bias in the media as strongly as they do when the media leans any other way. Respected media channels including ABC, CBS, and NBC, cable channels MSNBC, Current TV, and CNN, major newspapers including The New York Times, and Newsweek radio outlets, and news-wires have all been accused of heavy liberal bias. The fact that media entities of such caliber can engage in bias shows that probably the society has accepted liberal bias due to the popular support that liberalism enjoys. Every citizen should be ready to support the freedom of the media. At the same time we should be ready to stand up to them when they go against their professional ethics regardless of whether they are expressing opinion that mirrors ours.

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