Federalism and Republicanism

Separation of the Parties Preconditions and main reasons of separation of Federalist and Republican parties as well as the ways political divisions followed social divisions will be considered in this essay. Initially, both these parties had significantly different manner and purposes of reigning, what has reflected on social life of the country. Both huge parties […] Read more >>

Importance of Teamwork in Nursing

Evidently, teamwork is one of the most critical and significant areas of the nursing occupation and medical sphere in general. The described project on the topic of meditation techniques involved a teamwork approach to the subject, which facilitated the understanding of the significance of meditation in the nursing. From the professional perspective, the gained teamwork […] Read more >>

Is Modern Culture Ruining Childhoods?

Running head: IMPACT OF MODERN CULTURE TO CHILDHOOD 1. Change is inevitable in a world that is bursting with such promising potential. Read more >>

Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana has been illegal in California for quite a long time due to its categorization under schedule one of the drug enforcement administration. Read more >>

Religious Studies and Theology

I conducted the interview with Dr. Mohammed Qamar of the University of North Texas who specializes in psychiatry. Read more >>

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is among the prominent contested illnesses in the world. Read more >>

The Voynich Manuscript

Many scientists and cryptographers unsuccessfully try to decipher one of the most mysterious manuscripts that is the so-called Voynich Manuscript. In fact, this manuscript is... Read more >>

Hispanic Civilization

The term “Hispanic” is a broad term than what it seems to mean. It is commonly misunderstood just as the term “American” is misunderstood by the English-speaking people... Read more >>

Climate Action

Climate change is a natural process that may also be influenced by various human activities. Variations in weather aspects over a long period of time in a... Read more >>

Navy Heritage “Tacking on the Crows”

“Tacking on the Crows” used to be a prestigious ceremony. Those that initiated the ceremony did so with the intention of welcoming the new officers to the team and giving them a sense of belonging. Nonetheless, with the passage of time, the ceremony slowly evolved... Read more >>