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Dietary Analysis Report


The concept of ‘holistic health’ considers a balanced diet with an optimal mode of eating, while the balanced diet is good nutrition, characterized by an optimal quantity and the ratio of the amount of food components. As for my attitude to this concept, it is absolutely positive although I have some bad habits in terms of food. Thus, I am able to allow myself eating fast food. I understand that it is not healthy to do it but I am still learning to control myself not to eat such food as I am aware about the consequences it may bring to my health in the future. The food diary outlined in the essay is a typical representation of my daily diet as I do try to eat healthy but can mix it with junk food at the weekends mostly when I am hanging around with my friends. The reason of such a mix comes from my young age, 20 years old, and people like me are just entering a new stage of the personal growth.

In order to conduct a dietary analysis report, I have chosen a weekday and a weekend for the analysis as I usually allow myself to eat junk food at the weekends when walking around with my friends. Despite my bad habits in tastes, I try eating on schedule between a certain periods of time four times a day. As my flavor preferences, they are part of the five food groups and discretionary foods. Thus, the analysis has allowed calculating the following average intake of different food groups during the two days that have been analyzed. First, the average intake of vegetables was calculated 280 g compared to 375g of the recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommendations. Second, the average results of Fruit groups showed 749 g compared to 300 g recommended. Third, the results of Grain (cereal) foods group were estimated 315 g compared to 300 g of the recommended serves. Fourth, the results of Lean meat and alternatives group were 300 g compared to 250 g recommended. Fifth, it was estimated 219.5 g of Dairy and alternatives group compared to 250 g. And the last, the average intake of discretionary food was 59.5 g, which is in compliance with those up to 250 g of recommended intakes. The results of the analysis conducted show a significant difference between the recommended number of serves and the average number in some groups. To be specific, the results show a high rate of fruits intake and a low index in discretionary food group mainly because of my decision to concentrate on eating fruits and vegetables as they are full of minerals but to stop using fast food eventually. It is a conscious choice as I am a girl and try to watch my figure and appearance.

I have chosen protein, calcium and iron and the nutrients to analyze as I believe that they play very important role in a person’s physical development. Of course, other nutrients are also very important as well. However, the chosen ones are worth the attention to discuss about. The analysis showed that my average intake of proteins was about 1.5 times higher a day than the recommended daily intake that was 70.5 g and 46 g a day respectively. At the same time, the average intake of calcium is lower than the recommended index, particularly 867 mg per a day compared to 1000 mg a day those recommended. And the last, the average intake of iron was estimated 11.07 mg a day compared to the recommended of 18 mg a day. It is worth noting that the recommended daily intake of nutrient is calculated for a 20 years old female. The results of my average intake of nutrients are close to the recommended indexes, although they are not enough as calcium and iron play active role in the development of a body. At the same time, I find higher results of protein positive for my health as it is related to a constant active day I usually try to spend with. In regards to foods and beverages that have contributed to the results of an average daily intake, they were such vegetables like spinach and broccoli, fruits like apple and orange, dairy products like milk and cheese, grain goods like a slice of bread, pasta and rice, as well as chicken. Thus, a regular intake of cheese, eggs, milk, chicken and fish has contributed to high rate of proteins during the analysis. I consider such a rate positive as my body is still in progress and requires for sufficient intakes of protein as a main building material for my body. The intake of cheese and oatmeal brings calcium to my body, although it is not enough according to the recommended index, which is a little bit higher. However, I would like to add some cottage cheese and walnuts to my daily ration as they are not only positive for my health but delicious as well. For instance, cottage cheese is a great milk concentrate with a lot of calcium. It contains from 14 to 18% of a well-balanced protein. Cottage cheese has no tissue or cellular structure. This distinguishes it from animal protein sources such as fish, meat and poultry. The flakes of cottage cheese are easily absorbed and almost completely digested. Additionally, I would like to add lentils and peas to my daily ration as they can bring iron to my body and I like such type of product despite to the fact that I eat it occasionally. To support my thoughts, the nutritional value of peas is .5 – 2 times higher than the potatoes and other vegetables. In addition, peas are rich in salts of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. As compared to peas, lentils contain less fat. It is an excellent source of iron. It perfectly complements meat and vegetable dishes. Moreover, it is fast cooked. Lentils, like all legumes, are rich in microelements, especially magnesium, which is necessary for a complete performance of the heart and nervous system, as well as molybdenum and iron.

The analysis of food intake during two days has allowed stating that my current intake is close to perfect, although it requires harder work and persistency in achieving the wished goals in regards to diet requirements. The compliance with the diet requirements is mandatory for gaining positive influence on my future health. The thing is that food is the source of energy and a material of body tissues for a human body. Biologically active substances coming with it regulate the metabolic processes. In addition, the food promotes the formation of the human immune system. Therefore, the food should contain all the necessary nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals in order to perform all these functions.

The quality of foods has a direct impact on human health. After all, the food people eat can contain a sufficient amount of useful for health substances, as well as inadequate. In case of the inadequate amount, nutrition deficiency can cause different kinds of illness. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to navigate among much food available in order to make a diet. All indicators of the quality of food are important for the diet, as well as its energy value and the content of nutrients. The main factor for a healthy and fulfilling life, longevity, ability to work and good mood is a balanced diet. There is a decrease of immunity in case of malnutrition. The condition occurring in this case is called a lack of adaptation.

As for an unhealthy diet, it overwhelms a human body with toxins. The heard has to expend more effort to pump blood, while the respiratory system also receives an additional load. These changes begin to happen not at once and require some time for the same happens again. Although they cannot be seen at once, it may be late to treat deceases once they are found. Excessive consumption of sweets may lead to the formation of dental caries and have a negative impact on overall dental health, particularly contribute to the formation of plague. In addition to the formation of dental caries, which occurs outside, affecting primarily the enamel, the teeth can be destroyed from within. Thus, it is required to intake foods rich in fluorine, calcium and minerals so for the teeth to be strong.

Poor diet affects negatively the skin. All metabolic processes occurring in the body, affect its condition to a greater or lesser extent. It is responsive to our way of life, particularly to the food we eat, the mode of the day, as well as the presence or absence of stress. Excessive consumption of fatty, spicy and salty food leads to the formation of pimples and redness, as well as the formation of greasy. A lack of water leads to dehydration of the dermis. Food rich in fiber can be found in green good in large quantities. It gives very good effect on the skin. Finally, food we eat has a direct effect on the condition of the figure. Excessive consumption of food leads to the accumulation of fat. It is not only an aesthetic drawback, but the excessive fat accumulation that disrupts the performance of internal organs by squeezing them. Moreover, it can contribute to the emergence of such diseases as diabetes mellitus, gout or lead to stroke. To sum up, a person’s life depends on the concept of ‘holistic health’ and the philosophy of eating. I must organize my eating properly in order to be healthy, happy and confident. It has long been proven that nutrition affects the following functions of the human body as health, appearance and beauty including hair, skin, nails and complexion. It also has impact on a person’s vital energy and humor. Eating right does not allow the body to age prematurely.


Thus, I must follow general principles of proper nutrition in order to meet the recommendations, keep my body in health, feel myself good all the time, as well as be happy and satisfied. To do it I should implement the following practical changes in my daily diet. First, be sure to intake fresh and cooked food that is stored not for a long time. Storing food for a long time contribute to the disappearance of useful properties in it. At the same time, it allows creating those properties that are harmful to the body. Second, meals should be balanced and varied so to be able to maintain a balanced diet and make my body healthier. Third, a menu should include vegetables and fruit so to fasten metabolic processes. The reason is that raw vegetables and fruits include more microelements and vitamins. Fourth, I must watch the diet and do not allow the combination of incompatible products. Failure to do so results in the collection of undigested food in the intestines, the formation the processes of fermentation in it, as well as the accumulation of toxins. The formation of the right diet will help me to get rid of chronic diseases and heal my body. Fifth, the limitation of food is also required. Overeating is harmful to my body as much as substandard products. Overeating causes fatigue and reduces efficiency. In addition, a healthy body does not need excess weight. It is also necessary to take into account seasonality and intake more plant food in summer and foods rich in fats and proteins in summer. It is also very important to experience pleasure during the intake, while thoughts should be positive. Haste is not permitted in eating, along with conversations and reading. As for the substitutions to make my current diet successfully, I am trying to replace butter, mayonnaise and wheat bread with sour cream, vegetable oil and rye bread. Additionally, I should quit eating fast food, as well as baked foods, but go in favor to steamed and boiled eating. I believe that it will help me to achieve my goal in regards to eating health food, as well as keep my body toned, always be in a good mood and not to worry about diseases.

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