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Gun Violence In America: Solutions

Gun violence is one of the most serious security threats in the United States. The danger caused by gunshots has been compared to the threat posed by HIV/AIDs in the world. Equally, the injuries suffered by victims who faced gun shots add up to billions of medical facilities used in rescuing. Gun violence needs to be addressed in the United States because it results into insecurity and causes health problems. Research shows that gun violence is number eight in the top ten death-causing threats in the United States. Gun violence emerged at its pinnacle in the late 1980s. It is associated with the juveniles and the young people in the Unites States. The United States has therefore laid strategies to eliminate the incidences of gun violence. This paper identifies and evaluates three possible solutions to gun violence in the United States. 

First, there should be common background checks to find and confiscate firearms. The state has provided the necessary support to assist the law enforcement officers in conducting the checks. Police claim that the main cause of gun violence is the ease in the acquisition of guns in the region. Therefore, plans have been laid to track individuals purchasing guns in the state. Similarly, those who sell guns should be licensed and get permits according to the federal law. Failure to check gun ownership in these two parties is easily used by criminals who cause insecurity in the state. Research shows that strict federal laws enforced on universal background checks result in less gun violence in some states in the US. Where the background checks are strict, the police can withdraw several guns owned by unauthorized persons. Nonetheless, if these laws are not enforced strictly, police conduct background checks are in vain. Sandy Hook shootings led to the establishment of these universal background checks which were, however, not supported by 95% of the police force. According to the police, a prolonged universal background check is necessary in case of guns sales and when they are transferred from one sales point to another. 

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The second solution is using technologies to eliminate gun violence. Studies show that the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) can be helpful in locating suspects who commit crimes using similar guns. Similarly, it assists in labeling frequent crime suspects in the region, which causes insecurity in the area. The eTrace, NIBIN, and the ATF can be used to get back firearms which are illegally possessed by unauthorized individuals. The police, therefore, can follow and track guns used to cause violence in the states. The technology used to detect a gunshot can also help the police detect the place and time a gun fired to catch up with criminal suspects. The police force suggests Voluntary Corporation in enforcing the law based on the information provided from the databases. For instance, the ballistic investigation can be prioritized in evidence gun materials found in a scene which is not violent the same way gun materials found in gun scenes are surveyed. This evidence can be used to trace a criminal suspect causing insecurity threats. In cases of the gun violence emergence, the NIBIN can trace the suspect very fast and efficiently. These results are then viewed by multiple entities to determine the suspect, the cause of violence, and other related terror activities committed by the same suspect. This approach can be used to provide evidence of a likelihood of a crime occurrence in a court. According to the United States police force, technologies are vital in eliminating gun violence which is rampant in the region. However, they are very efficient when used collaboratively to produce a comprehensive report. Employing these technologies, NIBIN can easily trace companies or persons involved in illegal selling and purchasing of guns. Similarly, a camera which is automated has been developed to take photos of guns firing in a particular direction. 

Thirdly, police should work in collaboration with the community and other bodies to reduce gun violence in the area. Criminal suspects on gun violence are part of the society; therefore, unless the police coordinate with the community, it might be difficult to get the offenders. Several entities like the communities and law enforcement agencies are vital in ensuring the reduction of gun violence activities. The police, therefore, have established partnership relations to ensure collaboration with the community and other relevant agencies. This relationship will help in acquiring important information about the criminal suspects in the society. There are different types of criminal activities in the community according to studies, for instance, gang activities or domestic violence. Good relationships with the community provide a collaborative investigation which enables formulating useful plans and relevant strategies in tracking suspects. The initiatives raised by communities cover the mentally challenged individuals in the society. These individuals are difficult, and handling them might lead to their deaths because of their actions towards the law enforcing officers. The police workforce has developed health centers to care for the mentally challenged criminal suspects. Through these healthcare units, they can acquire medication and rehabilitation services to assist them in the society. This reduces incidences of criminal activities and deaths caused by the mentally challenged individuals in the society. Equally, individuals who are disabled or work under the influence of some drugs, undergo rehabilitation and counseling classes to make their brains stable again. These strategies have resulted in reduced cases of gun violence and gun-related offenses in the state. The health and the public should be therefore funded to work with the law enforcement officials in collaboration. The activities discussed show how important and relevant it is to involve several entities to voluntary assist the police who are overwhelmed. 

In conclusion, it is evident that gun violence is a threat to security and health in the United States. The latest news shows how the gun violence has increased at an alarming rate. The attempts to reduce these cases and incidences in the United States have proved to be an overwhelming activity to the police force. Effective solutions, therefore, are crucial to ensure the elimination of gun violence which has proved to spread threat in the community. There are several solutions, and most of them have been piloted to determine their efficiency. Background checks will help in retrieving firearms that are illegally owned by unauthorized individuals who might end up causing gun violence. Several technologies like NIBIN and the eTrace have been proposed to detect criminal suspects and their frequencies in gun violence incidences. Lastly, to establish the collaboration amongst law enforcement officials, the community, and relevant agencies, it is essential to ensure the acquisition of information in good time. The United States’ government has financially assisted these communities and agencies which have formed partnerships with the law enforcement officials. These partnerships have helped in the acquisition of necessary information needed to accuse and detain criminals responsible for their offences. The strategies amongst others can lead to the complete elimination of gun violence or a great reduction of gun-related incidences.

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