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Immigration Issue in America


Immigration issues have become controversial in America for more than two centuries. It is an issue that has greatly suffused in America ever since European settlers arrived in north America. The concept of immigration played a crucial role in defining the values that unite the people of America by framing the nations vision, has given America new roles in the world and generally changed the perception accorded to the human nature. However, among the European immigrants, the Americans feared that German immigrants would take away the British culture. Soon later there was a new wave of immigrants including the Italians, Poles, and Russian Jews though they were seen as difficult to get assimilated into American culture. Today, there are similar encounters with immigrants hailing from Africa, Latin America, and Asian countries. The settlement of these immigrants is however associated with a number of problems that caused varied reactions, particularly in the political arena. The discussion hereby focuses on the changes happening in America from the previous state of a nation of immigrants to one that embraces stricter immigration policies in order to counter the potential problems from immigration.

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According to Ralph Emerson, immigration in America is a concept that is bound to bear new forms of literature, religions, race and a new state. Ideally, immigration explains the results experienced from public policy and as a result have impacted on the economy, social services, and interaction between races. Indeed America is regarded as the nation of immigrants. According to, it is the immigrants who have made America a global economic engine. This has been seen through the creation of job opportunities, pioneers, and innovators of cutting edge technologies and contributes to the demand for locally made products. On the other hand, immigration has been accused of being the root cause of many problems facing Americans including insecurity, government overspending taxpayers money, engaging in American politics, overcrowding of the Americas job opportunities along with provision of cheap labour and the escalation of terrorist activities. Ideally, the concept of immigration took center stage in the 2016 presidential race where the Democrats were divided about the optimal number of immigrants while the majority of the Republicans were in favor of cutting back on their numbers. For this reason, there is significant need to effect stricter policies in order to regulate immigration and hence mitigate the likelihood of future conflicts.

Recently the debate on immigration has gone further to capture a wider range of foreign policy concerns. The concerns addressed here encompass features of the relationship between America and the people of Latin America, Africa and Asia alongside their rights, global trade, insecurity issues and refugee management. Consequently, the year 2013 saw immigration reform take center stage in America affairs as evidenced by the Senate vote of 68 to 32 in agreement for comprehensive immigration policies. This comes amidst the efforts to debunk the myths on immigration with the need to provide precise solutions to the complex issues raised under the subject of immigration. Despite there being many positive and legit attributes from the immigrants, it is paramount not to dwell on this subject as a wedge with the intention of pitting people against one another whilst stirring fears and uncertainty since it could result in damaged civic life and unproductivity. Stricter immigration policies duly make reforms on the immigration system and which benefits all.

While composing and implementing the stricter policies, they ought to be done in a humane manner and not portray their being in America as a criminal offense. These provisions are well spelled out in the Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement Act (SAFE Act) under the section on immigration section. The bill outlines the powers of the law enforcement officers to apprehend and put into detention any immigrants within the federal detention centers. On the contrary, some persons have opposed the move claiming that it is inhumane and puts at stake the safety of the public through increased public profiling.

It is the duty of the American government to ensure that the immigration laws are stricter but conservative in their enforcement in order to counter the problems of illegal immigration. With this regard, the immigration policy should seek to bring along the persons who have positive contributions to the American society but exclude those that are burdensome. Besides, the system can be better enhanced through a guest worker program which facilitates legal entry into the country. This should apply even to the existing immigrants whether legal or illegal who are subjected to systems with critical conditions for identification and documentation before one can be examined on the American laws compliance.

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Benefits of the stricter immigration policies in America

The United States’ safety is threatened by open borders. Since September 11, 2001, the country became aware that that they have enemies who are vicious and has no conscience as argued by FitzGerald. They also knew that their enemies believe that inside attacks are feasible compared to outside attacks. Before that attack, the major purpose of the American immigration laws was to protect the citizens of America. The passports and visas use help in monitoring and controlling the visitors who enters the country and why. A few of the illegal aliens who enter the country are terrorists. The belief that when foreigners from other countries are treated differently from the American citizens is discriminatory creates a terrible dilemma: either the government ceases to monitor the aliens and open for more attacks, or the country create the police state equality though casting out the constitutional protections for American citizens as well as monitoring all individuals.

The issue of immigration requires everyone to come together. Traditionally, the aim of the conservatives was to preserve the past’s valuable legacy as well as to protect the freedom through limiting the government’s power. All citizens including the most disadvantaged are provided with the opportunity of realizing their full opportunity by the liberals. With the removal of illegal aliens, the country would be the best. Moreover, the issue of immigration is very complex and the country needs a national debate but may not happen judging from the presidential campaigns in 2004. If the Americans are confronted with facts, most of them would continue to want stricter enforcement of the policies of immigration. This is by finding the ways of deporting the illegal immigrants without creating hardships that are unnecessary for the people who have broken the laws of immigration without coming up with severe dislocations from the employers who benefited from the illegal aliens presence.

Besides the children and the grandchildren of the Americans will be amazed at the TV shows’ digitalized archives. They will see America being free and prosperous where everyone will be proud and happy to call home. However, the will realize that is the legacy that was left by the parents and the grandparents of the Americans. If the Americans don’t take actions right now their grandchildren will know them as the destroyers of the beautiful legacy.


From the discussion, it is clear that immigration concept is part and parcel of America with both positive and negative attributes. However, there are potential problem areas which require stricter policy measures to address. Stricter immigration policies will mean effectiveness and efficiency in handling matters of immigration with guidelines well outlined in black and white. This is the future of America with immigrants.

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