Tuberculosis (TB) is a significant public health issue globally with statistics showing that approximately one-third of the global population suffer the disease. It makes TB treatment and control a priority for health practitioners. The current paper explores... Read more >>

The Balance of Power

The First World War can be explained in many origins. After the murder of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand who was heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne by an assassin backed by Serbia, the European countries made political, military, and diplomatic... Read more >>

The Fall of the Soviet Union

The collapse of the USSR includes processes of the system disintegration occurring in the economy, the social structure, the political sphere of the Soviet Union under the influence of the deliberate policy. The fall of the Soviet Union led to the independence... Read more >>

Urbanization and Its Health Effects

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, many people moved from rural areas to cities in the search of waged labor and better living conditions. The migration of rural dwellers to urban environment continues today, and the United Nations forecast that up... Read more >>

Global Health Issues: Communicable Disease Prevention, Challenges, and Solutions

Global health encompasses many areas of health concern worldwide. Globally, people face various issues on a daily basis since these issues affect their health negatively and threaten their overall survival. Some of these matters include air pollution, the shortage... Read more >>

Coca Cola Open Happiness

The modern market is rich in the variety of brands. All of them provide the number of products or services. Some of them have appeared recently. However, some of them exist in the market for about a century. Thus, the Coca Cola Company is one of the most popular... Read more >>

Ancient Male Rulers

No one knows whether famous ancient male rules would be successful leaders in the modern era but analyses of their methods of rule, ideas and practices are the matter of great interest for many historians and laypeople. This paper compares and contrasts... Read more >>

Illegal Hunting

Years ago, people used to depend on nature very much. They had to hunt so as to survive. They needed various things from animals such as leather to make dressings, energy as well as vitamins. However, hunting is no longer needed today... Read more >>

Nowadays, Children have too Much Freedom

The Internet is the virtual space that is used for communication and knowledge, getting new information in the different directions. It makes life much easier and opens up almost unlimited opportunities for self-realization and self-development. The number of the users of the global... Read more >>

Issues Affecting Standards of Practice in Health Care

The peculiar social, economic, and geographical characteristics of the rural setting contribute to the challenge of offering ethical health care to nearly 62 million residing in remote areas. For example, a third of Virginia’s population that is mainly rural frequently experiences the challenge of accessing medical care... Read more >>