I-O Psychology

Having separated from philosophy, psychology began to search for the application of its forces in practice in the world. The first appeals of psychologists to recruitment, promotion, or organization of workplaces looked largely random, personally or situationally conditioned... Read more >>

International Studies

England in one of the most accessible and well-known countries in the world. The country, therefore, plays host to many international students whose field of study and background vary among themselves. Studying abroad offers an incomparable learning opportunity to help the classroom lessons... Read more >>

Article Review

Introduction: The present paper makes a critical review of the research findings in the field of cognitive psychology presented in the article by Bertrand and Camos “The Role of Attention in Preschoolers’ Working Memory”, from the scientific journal Cognitive Development... Read more >>

Meaningful Use for Nurses

The end of the 20th – the beginning of the 21st centuries saw the growing importance of technology-based solutions in nursing care. Under the influence of new legislation, nurses had to question earlier beliefs about medical care and assume new technology-related responsibilities. Read more >>

Liver Disease

The liver is the largest internal organ whose function in the human body is crucial. Read more >>

Concept Analysis of Interpersonal Relationships

The concept of interpersonal relations is of great interest in diverse fields including management, psychology, communication studies, anthropology, nursing, and sociology. Read more >>

Career Self Development

The analysis of the last three decades demonstrates that social and economical conditions have radically transformed the general understanding of ‘career’ as such. Read more >>

Pyramid Buildings in Los Angeles

Buildings and architectural design have been playing a pivotal role since ancient times. To symbolize an anci... Read more >>

An egalitarian collective transforms into Nazis

When faced with autocracy, at first you will oppose it. Then you will slowly get used to it. In the end you w... Read more >>

Reasons for the Scramble

Introduction By the beginning of the 19th century, many considered colonialism to have become time-barred. ... Read more >>