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Pyramid Buildings in Los Angeles

Buildings and architectural design have been playing a pivotal role since ancient times. To symbolize an ancient civilization, both the Egyptians and Maya built enormous pyramids. The Maya constructed pyramids and temples in honor of their gods as well as kings. By contrast, referential function of Egyptian pyramids was different. Thus, they built temples and pyramids for their pharaohs to have a peaceful and successful afterlife. They also believed the peaks of their pyramids are closer to the holy heaven than any other place. For centuries, pyramids signalized glory, strength and wealth of civilizations. Their message function was to represented faiths, religions, cultures and diversities as displayed by mankind in different parts of the world at different times of history. Pyramids have been built in various parts of the world at different times.

However, pyramids of ancient Egypt and Central and South America are the most known. The prototype of pyramids began in Egypt and spectacular pyramids have made the country famous around the world. The glory of pyramids is still among the greatest architectural wonders. California in the United States of America (USA) is rich in architecture that encompasses traditional designs as well as modern pyramids. Similarly, Los Angeles boosts interesting and diverse architecture, green space and urban taste, which makes it always brighter and more attractive. Also, it is a home of pyramids with a fair amount of triangular-shaped structures. For instance, magical symbolisms of the Los Angeles Central Library, supernatural food pyramid for LACMA, the sky touching Transamerica pyramid center and the Angelus Rosedale Cemetery. Pyramidal shapes are widely exhibited both in exterior shape and interior decorations. Los Angeles is a city where you will frequently find triangular-shaped structures, which expresses importance of geometry in standard architectonic forms. This paper has analyzed and compared the Los Angeles Central Library, the Los Angeles City Hall and the Angelus Rosedale Cemetery.

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Los Angeles central Library

It is a large wonderfully designed library. Design and decoration of the building speaks for itself, while the books speak for the past, present and future. It is more of emotive type of a building, which is the last work of one of the major American architects Bertram G. Goodhue. The Central Library rejuvenates ancient Egyptian pyramidal architecture. It symbolizes a variety of aspects of Roman and various Islamic civilizations as well as Spanish Colonial styles. At the same time, its skyscraper-like profile happens to encourage modern architecture. Both ancient and modern picture, arced geometry, and proportions make it a treasure. This building has a very strong outlook and describes an occult philosophy of power and competence. Its referential function is to communicate author’s feelings and concerns about the past and present. Each part of the building has its own story. For instance, the concrete walls and a single iron door give protection towards the interior. While the exterior limestone sculptures represent a case of assorted disciplines and literary figures. And yet, the ornamental and symbolic artwork is unique to the library’s design. The architect must have been inspired by Mediterranean Revival or ancient Egyptian architecture. Accordingly, each part of the building symbolizes ancient antiquity and has its own territorial function. Further, the appropriate non-aesthetic and esoteric content of art recalls majesty of the designer. Furthermore, the pyramid-shaped roof is a symbol of mysteries and represents a spiritual world. To have a closer look, there is a mathematical perfection and four triangles supporting the pyramid represent divinity.

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Los Angeles City Hall

The building is shaped like a Mausoleum or cultural monument with unique geometric proportion topped by magnificent pyramid. This skyscraper is much of expressive type. It was designed by three architects John Parkinson, John C. Austin and Albert C. Martin. This is one of modern buildings with fantastic art deco design, bronze on inside and pure white on outside. It has a fair symmetrical and linear proportion, with terraced pyramids built so that each floor is smaller than a lower one. Once again, the use of pyramids must have come from the idea of famous ancient Egyptian architecture, while the art refers to the Greco-Roman classicism. Each part of this modern building is geometrically proportional; the use of technology is appealing and the deco is glamorous and attracts people to its rational and inspirational deco. This skyscraper is one of the tallest buildings, and this mega structure is made of concrete. The length of the rectangular base of this building is almost the same as its height. The second phase of the building is again rectangular although it is about half of the first one. Such way of construction makes the building very interesting. The central part of the building is further extended as high as the length of the second phase, which then is shaped in a pyramid till the peak. The addresser function is therefore very clear and dominant. The entrance is situated under the vaulted roof of Greco-Roman architectural style which is supported by columns. It warmly welcomes visitors below the waving flags of the USA. The building has a very impressive Art Deco and its modern outlook remarks its own territory.

Angelus Rosedale Cemetery

Rosedale Cemetery was founded when Los Angeles was a small city with a population of only 28,285 people. Rosedale has been the first cemetery open to all races in Los Angeles. The cemetery has several pyramid crypts along with other traditional structures and a mausoleum. This pyramid crypt made of textured stones is located in the cemetery. The rough surface is a symbol of hardness while the triangular shape represents divinity. The triangular shape is a mark of respect for various religions and tribes and sometimes for a community system. Although it is not bright and visible, it has a metalinguistic function of granting spiritual peace for those who are buried around. Each stone of the building is functional, and the front door expresses a feeling that there always is a window to open secrets or to prove that we decide for space to worth it or waste it. To make a door, its elevation is proportionally divided into four parts: one for door and three on each side of door making a triangular shape. Summing up, in the first building (Los Angeles Central Library), we observed a complex conglomeration of an ancient cultural behavior and modern concepts. It tells us about the past and present, how knowledge evolved, and civilizations differed through times. It has more of a conative function which is very beautifully expressed. It is the beauty of human mind that snaps the history of times through the camera of a human eye, with a great metalinguistic awareness.

It is a wonderland both from inside and outside where architecture is more of an emotive nature that always charms people around the world at all times. The second building (Los Angeles City Hall) is more of an expressive than an emotive nature. It displays the climax of art and architecture developed by mankind. It shows the prime of knowledge, and the maturity of architecture of the modern time. The building and its design speaks for itself in a glance and glorifies our grandiosity in terms of art and architecture. The third pyramid (Angelus Rosedale Cemetery) is more of a treasure and emotive type; it is rough, strong and complicated. It is one of those secrets that triggers a series of thoughts converged on resolving a mystery that always remains a focus of attention. Finally, irrespective of the differences shown above, all these three buildings serve one common purpose of telling us the use of pyramid, the language of secrets and purposes. Also, they demonstrate existence of various forms at all times. Most importantly, in the form of pyramids buildings manifest their thought provoking nature.

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