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The Use of Social Media in Marketing

In the current business setting, social media is a crucial instrument used in marketing. The majority of the targeted consumers are the youth; thus, the likelihood that using social media as a platform to market new products would be essential in getting to them. The youth form part of the population whose purchasing power may not be fully developed, but their tendency of impulse buying poises them to be the valuable consumers of most of the business products in the market. Therefore, it is only essential that the marketing methods adopted be suited to target them. The social media platforms have been designed in such a way that accords for easy sharing of information.

The knowledge about new products introduced by companies through their social media pages is bound to be disseminated with utmost efficiency. The design of the social media websites should endeavor to show consistency with the values of the organization using it. Misuse of the platform could come to a derailing effect when the reputation of the entity is destroyed as a result of wrong reporting. In as much as the media platforms are imperative in marketing positive aspects of the entity, they could also be used to a detrimental effect. This paper intends to review the social media website contents relative to organizational performance.

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Elements of Facebook that Support eBay’s Web Strategy

Facebook is the ideal social media website whose key elements are in support of the web strategies of most organizations. At the forefront of the organizations whose strategies are supported is eBay. The featured element in Facebook that supports the primary web strategy at eBay is the business-oriented platforms created. The platforms on Facebook are designed to focus on the long-term business objectives. The specific product offerings are highlighted as well as the value that is bound to be deduced from them.

The design of the site is also crucial for long-term performance as a result of the room created for modifications of the list of the services rendered. In a modern marketing sphere where the trends in the market change by the day, it is critical that there is flexibility in finding the best mix of business so that the entity remains relevant and viable in the products and services provided. The design of the site allows for adequate comparison of the prices levied on eBay products to help consumers make a decision about purchasing. The comparisons are significant in getting the best market value for the products on offer.

The design of Facebook is in awe of the expectations of the community; thus; suitable for the web strategy of eBay. The content is often influenced by the desires of the consumers. There are platforms used to get feedback from the users within the community confines where the service offering targets. As such, eBay benefits from the identification of the products that are needed in the market. The ever-changing consumer preferences are tracked so that the proper adjustments are made to meet them. Observing the currency of technological advancement is critical in the successes that eBay draws from using Facebook in marketing its products.

eBay’s Social Media Web Presence

The social media presence of eBay stems from the desire to know the targeted customer base so that the experience with them is personalized. Such is the best approach that would be used in driving sales. The establishment of a relationship with consumers is an implication that their preferences are a priority to the organization. Knowing the customers is also crucial in anticipation of their behavior trends. Based on the type of relationship shared, there would be an innate ability to calculate the next moves in relation to product preferences. The consideration is the use of past activities to give a highlight of the new trends likely to be adopted. eBay has often stayed prepared to roll out changes to its product offerings to match the new consumer preferences.

The web presence of eBay also manifests in the form of driving new traffic and consumers. Social media makes it possible for eBay to engage the current audience that already knows about its services. However, there is also the chance that the new customers would be attracted. The personalized experiences with the current customers are shared with the implication that new clientele base would be lured. Reaching the right community is, therefore, an avenue for market expansions.

The presence of eBay is social media also features being relevant to encourage information sharing. The social media platforms have several activities going on that it is a particular challenge to use it as a marketing tool to seek out a consumer base without relevance in marketing. eBay endeavors to stay relevant in the marketing mix through the inclusion of the currently trending products. The specially designed ads about some of the latest eBay products are crucial in making the presence of the entity felt in social media. Some of the most commonly visited social media forums have ads that pop up and quickly redirect into eBay’s main portal when clicked.

Key Elements of eBay’s Social Media Web Presence

Paid social media is the primary attribute used by eBay in making its presence felt. The reach of the brands offered by the company to the targeted consumers utilizes paid media. The marketing of the services rendered attains the desired objectives when payment is made to have the various platforms of social media used. A premium service charter is accorded to the company so that its marketing ads, videos, and pictures run for maximum time. As such, the potential consumers have access to the services and learn about them.

eBay creates appeal in social media ads to make them stand out and gain an edge in the strategies employed by the competitors. There is the desire to move away from the inclusion of simple content to focus on the aspects frequently overlooked by the competitors. Such an approach is equivalent to the identification of the market niche to maximize on it for adequate profit generation. While stamping authority in social media influence, however, the company considers the relevance of the products that are included in the marketing charter. Research is conducted to determine the current market trends and the elements that still fall short of satisfaction to focus on them.

The unique nature of the social media product presentation by eBay results in its renowned presence in the media. The content included in the sites are uniquely designed to ward off the threat posed by competitors so that the market share is not destabilized. Online trade fairs and promotions are used to market the company products. The awareness created among the consumers alludes to quality service provision and the value that would be derived from using the services. The constant innovation has been critical in the attainment of a dominant presence in social media.

eBay’s Facebook Page from the Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective

The website focuses mainly on the consumers. There are platforms designed to engage the customers so that their feedback regarding product offering would be sought. Getting such feedback is critical to the improvements that could be made in the business venture. The association is also significant in learning the preference trends exhibited by the consumers so that the due preparation could be made for it through creativity and innovation.

The presentation of the website is relevant in passing the intended message. The illustrations used in the products on offer detail their specifications and the value that would be obtained from their use. Such explicit detail in the communication about services rendered enables easy comparison with the services of other providers. Effective disclosure in this standing also yields the possibility of inter-brand comparison. The consumers are given all the information needed about the brand to inform the final decision made to purchase it.

In the website, the aftersales services rendered are included. The sales within the locality are subject to free door step delivery. Internationally, there are courier services that could be used to make the shipments, at discounts that are determined by the value of the item purchased. The service is meant to offer convenience to the consumers. The essence of integrated marketing communications is also evident on the website in light of the inclusion of the cost of the products as well as the discount limit that could be allowed. As such, there is a platform created for comparison of the pricing activities of various sales outlets. The customers are given adequate options tantamount to value generation.

In conclusion, the marketing approaches adopted by a company could be essential in the establishment of the capacity of success likely to be realized.  In the marketing mix, there must be the choice made about the platform that would reach out to many consumers at once. The rise of social media in this technological age has presented business organizations with the opportunity to market their products comparatively to the operations of the rivals dealing in the same business. The minimum marketing standards and regulations must be observed for sustainability.

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