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UFO and Flying Saucers

The CIA has posted secret photos purportedly showing flying saucers and UFO hovering in different region across the world. The CIA in a statement said that they would like to release few documents which both the believers and skeptics would find essential in investigating the manifestation of UFO. The CIA presented five reports that X-Files Agent Fox Mulder would like to use towards persuading other people of the existence of activities of extraterrestrial nature. The CIA selected the documents which they found to be interesting and factual enough to persuade and inform people of the existence of unknown space objects which many people were not aware of.  

The first documents include files from East Germany (1952) where different investigating agents had been researching a story about “a huge flying pan” that had a diameter of approximately 15 meters. The report by the CIA in East Germany dates back to the 9th July 1952, published in Athens on the subject relating to Military Science. Oscar Linke, a 46 years old German and a former mayor of Gleimershusen begun investigating the “flying saucer” story. In his story, Oscar explained the “flying saucer” as a huge flying pan and approximated its diameter to be 15 meters. The playing pan landed in the Soviet forest in Germany clearing a large portion known as the Soviet zone (CIA 1). 

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As Linke explain, he and his family decided to leave the Soviet Zone. While they were on the way out of the Soviet Zone, their Bike’s tire blew out near Hasselbach town which made them walk towards the town. While walking, His Daughter Gabriella pointed out at something about 140 meters from where they were. This tempted Linke to approach the twilight which he thought was a deer at first sight. However, after approaching to about 40 meters he noticed two men that appeared to be wearing shining metallic clothes. The two men were looking at something on the ground. As Linke approached them to about 10 meters, he discovered a large object of a diameter of around 13-15 meters that resembled an enormous flying pan on the ground (CIA 2). 

His daughter who was just a few meters from where he was called him which made the two men disappear inside the conical tower. Linke in a statement is recorded that one man had a lamp on his front body part which lit at regular intervals. The object glittered with different colors. As the glittering increased, the conical tower began to slide down into the middle of the object that now appeared from the downside of the ground. Linke explains that the object was surrounded by rings of flames and after the glitter, the object started rising in the atmosphere. It rose in a horizontal direction and disappeared in the Stockheim forest direction (CIA 2). 

Other people that lived in the same area as Linke also gave their testimonies regarding the appearance of strange objects which many described as comets. To support his statement and argue that it was not a dream, Linke claims to have walked to the place where the object laid and found a circular ground opening that had an exact shape as the conical tower. He says that he was seized with flights as the Soviets did not want anyone to know of their works and had restricted many people who knew about their works in East Germany (CIA, 3). 

Another CIA file claims that objects of similar nature were observed in North Africa and Spain. In a personal testimony by Espana he says that as he was walking to the office, an astonishing flying object came at a terrific speed from the Airport direction raised about 2000 meters above the ground and left an extensive trail of smoke as it passed. According to Espana, the object did not look like an aircraft or the so-called flying pans but resembled a rocket. The smoke came out of two points which were close together and merged into a single streak. He says that his colleagues did see the smoke but not the object. The object according to Espana disappeared at a distance of 10kms for a few seconds and reappeared several kilometers again away (CIA 2).

Another testimony regarding an unusual object over Tunisia was given by many inhabitants of Sousse. According to the inhabitants, they saw a strange flying object moving at a dizzy speed from the Western side to the Eastern side which released a pale green flashing light. Two other witnesses reported the appearance of a flying saucer above Meknes at 1300 hours on June 3, 1952. One of them claimed that the object was moving a lighting speed. The objects, however, did not make any sound but only emitted a white trail of smoke as it moved in a horizontal direction. It moved closer and later disappeared towards the Southern iframe (CIA 3).  

Also in Northern Africa, a strange phenomenon appeared on the 15th June 1952 in French Morocco. Doc workers observed countless discs of white fire-like flames surrounded by circular-shaped strands with a trailing line of smoke behind them. The strange objects vanished after 30 seconds which left the workers perplexed many of whom did not understand what it was. Another flying object was observed at Casablanca on 15th June 1952 by Andre Asoring, a former military pilot. According to a meteorological report, none of such an object had been found before (CIA 3).  

Apart from different testimonies by various people who witnessed the manifestation of these strange objects, the CIA also presented images of different alleged extraterrestrial objects.  These include alien body parts and UFO as different CIA agents suggested.  For instance, one of the CIA documents gives an explanation of how to capture better photos in an incidence one notices such strange objects. According to Dana Scully, a CIA agent, the documents, as well as testimonies released, were aimed at persuading the society to understand that different extraterrestrial objects as a result of the works of Soviets and other unknown objects existed and were likely to manifest in the course of their lives in the various regions of the world. The CIA has also been organizing different scientific panels to discuss the nature and possibility of the existence of these strange objects which many scientists so far have claimed that this topic is “not of direct intelligence interest.” (CIA 27)

Critical reports that have been released by the CIA and other scientific studies by a scientist across the world are for instance the 2002 report by the CIA that stated that caution required to be taken regarding the topic as more details regarding their existence remained unidentified. It is recommended that the investigation by CIA and other authorities to be continued to give all essential information and relevant facts relating to the existence of extraterrestrial objects. The CIA should also be able to raise the alarm and create preparedness within the society through different press and media on the possibility of occurrence of these objects. This will enable the society to be equipped with information and remain vigilant and keen towards strange objects that may appear in their communities.

Further testimonies regarding the manifestation of strange objects were obtained in Uranium mines in Congo. Two discs were identified over the Uranium mines located in Elisabethville district on the Eastern side of Luapula River that connects Meru and Bangweolo. The discs kept on changing their positions and glided in elegant curves that gave them different appearance such as ovals, plates and sometimes simply lines. The discs hovered in one spot and then disappeared in a zigzag motion towards the Northeastern side. As they disappeared, the discs produced a buzzing and hissing sound in an occurrence that lasted from 10-12 minutes.

The military region commander Pierre after hearing about these discs thought that it was probably a military attack and pursued the discs in a fighter plane. After getting closer, he observed the discs and estimated that they could have a diameter of from 12-15 meters and had a discus shape. Small openings and a knob that came from the center could easily be observed as the entire part of the disc remained still. The outer rim was veiled in fire and was rotating at an enormous speed. The discs had a similar color to that of aluminum. After a keen observation, the commander observed that the disc moved in both vertical and horizontal rotation but at a very high speed. According to Pierre, the discs could not be manned due to the terrific speed in which they were rotating. 

CIA Documents by Scully

Apart from the documents provided by Mulder, Scully also through a CIA report presented different documents aimed at giving proof to the existence of extraterrestrial objects. Scully shows various comments and suggestion by panel members on the lack of sound data in the vast majority of case histories. Different case histories analysis are for instance Bellefontaine, Ohio in 1952, Tremonto, Utah in 1952, Great Fall, Monvana in 1950, Port Huron, Michigan in 1952 among many others (CIA 13). 

According to the panel’s unanimous conclusion, there was no evidence of the possible danger that could be caused by the sighted objects. The panel stated that some of these objects we believed to be electrostatic (Similar to St. Elmo’s fire) or electromagnetic phenomena or possible light reflection from ice crystals in the air, but their exact cause and nature was not identified. The finding by these panels provided essential information to the society assuring them of their safety many of whom were worried especially individual who personally observed the objects (CIA 24). 

The Panel also suggested that the Air Force and Air Defense Command engage in detailed security operations towards protecting the society against these objects. However, this is contradictory in that Commander Pierre stated that these objected could not be manned due to the terrific speed in which they were rotating. The air force had to institute communication channels to alert them in case any strange object was observed in the sky according to the recommendations of the panel (CIA 27). 

It is weird that even the panel member did not believe that the Earth could be visited by extraterrestrial objects. This showed how difficult it was for the society member to appreciate those strange objects could be visiting the earth. Different testimonies by panel members were presented. Some panel members, however, claims that there was no need to focus on these objects in that no potential danger was likely to emerge from them due to their manifestation. However, other claimed that investigation regarding the issue was crucial to compile key facts and present it to the society towards making them comfortable in their daily living (CIA 33).

According to a report on “Flying Saucers” by the assistant director, Office of Scientific Intelligence, the Department, the OSI appreciated the efforts by the Air Technical Intelligence Center, DI, USAF, and Wright-Petterson Air Force Base and claimed that these were the only group that dedicated substantial efforts towards this issue. The report showed the efforts of ATIC in giving enough concentration on each presented case but claimed that more effort was required to address the matter.  The report concluded that “Flying Saucers” posed two eminent dangers that had national security intelligence implication. These dangers include the vulnerability of the USA to air attacks and mass psychological considerations. The report recommended that the Director of Central Intelligence instruct the National Security Council to initiate a research regarding the issue (DCI, 4).

Regarding the Memorandum on Flying Saucers a case with Dr. Julius A. Stratton is presented and Milliken to give light on the issue relating to the presence of extraterrestrial objects on earth. The conclusion to this memorandum offered suggestions that further analysis and research was required to back the efforts of DCI in investigating the matter. With the proper backing, the DCI would not be able to evaluate the case efficiently and give informative report towards the issue.

It is evident through different testimonies and documents presented by the CIA that extraterrestrial objects exist and manifest themselves in various parts of the world. Numerous studies and investigations have been conducted regarding the issue so far, but the truth is that more is yet to be discovered regarding these objects. Different agencies such as the DCI and the Air Force among others should join efforts towards investigating and providing essential information regarding this issue. This will equip the society with information and enhance their preparedness in the instance of the occurrence of extraterrestrial objects. 


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