Article Review

Introduction: The present paper makes a critical review of the research findings in the field of cognitive psychology presented in the article by Bertrand and Camos “The Role of Attention in Preschoolers’ Working Memory”, from the scientific journal Cognitive Development... Read more >>

Endocrine Function and Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus, particularly types one and two, affects different functions of the endocrine organs. The most frequent disruptions are those relating to pancreas gland, which plays a vital role in the energy metabolism by emitting the hormones insulin and glucagon that respectively... Read more >>

Energy Choices

Fuel emission is very harmful to the environment and the lives of human beings and animals. Various factors determine the amount of energy use in a country such as the population size, temperature, the number of occupants and living habits of the people. All these are the factors that... Read more >>

International Studies

England in one of the most accessible and well-known countries in the world. The country, therefore, plays host to many international students whose field of study and background vary among themselves. Studying abroad offers an incomparable learning opportunity to help the classroom lessons... Read more >>

I-O Psychology

Having separated from philosophy, psychology began to search for the application of its forces in practice in the world. The first appeals of psychologists to recruitment, promotion, or organization of workplaces looked largely random, personally or situationally conditioned... Read more >>

Issues Affecting Standards of Practice in Health Care

The peculiar social, economic, and geographical characteristics of the rural setting contribute to the challenge of offering ethical health care to nearly 62 million residing in remote areas. For example, a third of Virginia’s population that is mainly rural frequently experiences the challenge of accessing medical care... Read more >>