Native Americans Images in the 19th Century Advertising

In the 19th century, companies in America have been channeling their marketing strategies towards target customers through their cultures and beliefs. Marketers realized that designing their ads with 60% culture and 40 % message tends to earn them massive sales... Read more >>

Nowadays, Children have too Much Freedom

The Internet is the virtual space that is used for communication and knowledge, getting new information in the different directions. It makes life much easier and opens up almost unlimited opportunities for self-realization and self-development. The number of the users of the global... Read more >>

World War II

War is one of the most terrible happenings is our today’s world since it is associated with devastating outcomes such as loss of lives, damage to property, and immense suffering of people. In history, the 20th century remains the most remembered... Read more >>

Aspects of the Opium War (1839-1842)

At the beginning of the XIX century, Qin dynasty continued to pursue the policy of isolation from the rest of the world. However, this situation could no longer hold many European powers that were at a stage of rapid economic growth and needed new markets for their goods... Read more >>

Globalization and Communicational Differences

The role of globalization has been increasing over the last few years. One may describe this process as international integration caused by a continuous exchange of ideas and interactions among various cultures. Some scholars believe that it can... Read more >>

Gun Violence In America: Solutions

Gun violence is one of the most serious security threats in the United States. The danger caused by gunshots has been compared to the threat posed by HIV/AIDs in the world. Equally, the injuries suffered by victims who faced gun shots... Read more >>