The Impact of Food Globalization

Globalization is an emerging force that may transform the world into a global village, where people will completely abandon their indigenous culture and adopt a common culture that combines the practices of multiple cultures. In fact, the current trends... Read more >>

The Use of Social Media in Marketing

In the current business setting, social media is a crucial instrument used in marketing. The majority of the targeted consumers are the youth; thus, the likelihood that using social media as a platform to market new products would be essential... Read more >>


Amphetamine is the most commonly used drastic stimulants. This drug is a stimulant of the central nervous system. Amphetamine does not produce energy as the food. On the contrary, it uses the resources of the body and launches the energy that is already in the body... Read more >>

Ancient Male Rulers

No one knows whether famous ancient male rules would be successful leaders in the modern era but analyses of their methods of rule, ideas and practices are the matter of great interest for many historians and laypeople. This paper compares and contrasts... Read more >>

Application of Ethical Theories to Nursing Practice

John Rawls, one of the most prominent philosophers of the twentieth century, developed a social justice theory for determining whether a particular act or course of action is ethical. According to Rawls’ social justice framework, an action is considered moral when it is fair, just... Read more >>

Coca Cola Open Happiness

The modern market is rich in the variety of brands. All of them provide the number of products or services. Some of them have appeared recently. However, some of them exist in the market for about a century. Thus, the Coca Cola Company is one of the most popular... Read more >>