Global Health Issues: Communicable Disease Prevention, Challenges, and Solutions

Global health encompasses many areas of health concern worldwide. Globally, people face various issues on a daily basis since these issues affect their health negatively and threaten their overall survival. Some of these matters include air pollution, the shortage... Read more >>

Health Assessment

The problem of aging is supposed to be the subject of a special interdisciplinary branch of knowledge g, i.e. gerontology. It focuses on the biological, psychological and sociological aspects of aging. In fact, aging is viewed as the natural process that occurs during the postnatal... Read more >>

Urbanization and Its Health Effects

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, many people moved from rural areas to cities in the search of waged labor and better living conditions. The migration of rural dwellers to urban environment continues today, and the United Nations forecast that up... Read more >>

Scrutiny on the Connection between Humanness and Government

The Chinese philosophy is one of the most ancient approaches towards world cognition. Therefore, it is not surprising that it includes a lot of scrutiny regarding the morals and virtues that are expected to be maintained by every human. In addition, the Chinese philosophers... Read more >>

Great War and America

Aggression, brutality, and greed have always constituted a negative and destructive part of human nature and forced humanity to perform unethical, dangerous, and violent actions. Religious, political, and military leaders have always exploited these factors to persuade... Read more >>

The Fall of the Soviet Union

The collapse of the USSR includes processes of the system disintegration occurring in the economy, the social structure, the political sphere of the Soviet Union under the influence of the deliberate policy. The fall of the Soviet Union led to the independence... Read more >>