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Book Report Produced by Faith by Devon Franklin

The following paper is a book report of Produced by Faith by Devon Franklin. He is a famous filmmaker, CEO of the movie-production company, a successful executive, and motivational speaker. He is also a devoted Christian, a man of firm principles and great commitment to God. The following book is about how faith can lead us to tremendous happiness and success, particularly in achieving career we dream of. The title refers to parallels between person’s life and making a movie. Using these parallels and relating to his personal experience, Devon Franklin tells this wonderful story. He also provides readers with great tips and many useful pieces of advice. The book gives a fertile field for thoughts about our life path. It provokes us to look inside ourselves and find many questions and answers there, to find our ultimate goals and purpose and go for it, staying loyal to God.

Book Report: “Produced by Faith” by Devon Franklin

Devon Franklin is a famous film producer, CEO of Franklin Entertainment, a successful businessman, author, and a motivational speaker. He is also a man of faith who has his inner vision, firm principles, and loyalty to God. This man has managed to succeed in what may seem to be a tough business while staying true to his moral code. Devon wrote an outstanding book that demonstrates how staying loyal to one’s core principals and faith can yield miraculous results. Produced by Faith is a spiritual book with practical tips on how letting God to transform ones life and become a change in the world, particularly to build up a brilliant career of one’s dreams.

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The book compares a person’s life to a movie. It tells that life is an evolving story with its highs and lows, twists and turns, a mix of comedy and drama. How many times do we think that it is over and that everything is lost? We think so because we cannot see a full picture; we do not know that it may eventually lead to unimagined happiness. We make mistakes; life also gives us unpleasant surprises. Life can lead us through the great battles. According to this book, these moments are given to us so that we became stronger and went down that road to victory.

Such periods also test our faith in ourselves and God. They show us who we truly are and what we are capable of. We must believe that greatest gifts are hidden among the greatest difficulties. We have to let God lead us. It does not mean we are puppets in God’s hands. It means that God loves us and knows what we are capable of. God has the vision and plans for us. It is us who are in charge of our destinies, and we decide how we are going to use these wonderful gifts, given to us by God. There are always signs and opportunities for us. We must believe that we are given necessary tools and talents to have amazing lives. We need to figure out who we are and what these talents were given for; we must find sense in everything that is going on, even in the times of losses and frustration. We must listen to our hearts; it is where we can find God. One should not expect that this is an easy path because sometimes, God leads us down the hardest ways through destruction and devastation. Such is the way to true happiness, fulfilling dreams, and even finding love.

This book is heavily focused on how faith actually helps to build up the career. Many people think that in order to succeed, they have to lie, to neglect their principles, and not to believe in anything. However, the author proves them wrong with his story of success. He believes that success is a logical continuation of inner choices. Only staying true to ourselves, stating openly about our beliefs and acting according to them will lead us to our true calling, or Big Idea. The Big Idea is our destination in this life because everybody has to do his/her job in this world. If you are going to be utterly honest with yourself, God will show you the right path and your place in the world, which will allow you to live up to your fullest potential. How can people, who do what they are assigned by God, fail to be successful? They will start to see the opportunities, find new ways, meet new people, and have new ideas, and so on. Maybe, we will not get our perfect job right away, but we need to be sure that we are heading in the right direction towards the Big Idea, but not deviating from it. We have to ask ourselves at every moment: What am I doing here? Is it going to help me in the overall plan? Does God want me to be here? Then, if we are ready to become the people God wants us to be, we will be happy and successful.

Devon has also made parallels between a person’s life and a movie. There are several stages of movie production, such as development, production, and distribution. Development can be quite messy, when the director has only a vague idea of what he wants and a handful of things to do. There are many people working on the movie and many processes going on, such as making the plot, writing and editing the script, casting actors, choosing scenes, and so on. During the Production phase, everything is prepared for shooting of the movie. However, there might be some problems, such as a change of scenario, conflicts on the set, or trouble with financing; but is easier to solve the problems when you have the exact image of what you want along with all the tools. Finally, the movie is ready, and it is the time for Distribution. The film must go out in the world and reach the public.

While I was reading the book, I was amazed by how certain this comparison is. Moreover, it has helped me to realize what is going in my life, what period I am in, and what to expect next. I concluded that I have just finished the Development. It was messy; sometimes, it was devastating and confusing. All of the signs from the book confirmed my conclusion. There was almost everything: success, letting go of some ideas about life, meeting and losing many people, getting disappointed in some of them, having good results and many failures, losing my way and eventually sticking to one place. I have stopped to realize what was going on, I have made wrong choices and attracted bad people and opportunities, which has led me to frustration and loneliness. I have lost my dreams, money, and it seemed that I could not get out. Now, I understand that everything was a part of the development. The scenario was being created. My idea of who I am and what I want to be was being formed. People, some of which have left my life while others are still there for me in it and some almost destroying me, play important part in it. It is like casting actors. Now, I see at what point of my life I have lost the grip and turned the wrong way. I have said goodbye to the limiting ideas that lived in my head. I have started to realize what I truly want to achieve in life and what person I want to be. I am sure that I will not make the same mistakes and will definitely not let other people confuse me. I have a strong faith that trough this mess, God has showed me my real potential and desires, took away unnecessary notions out of my head, spared me from spending my life in the wrong place with the wrong people; therefore, He will lead me to a greater life. This time, I will be committed to God and rely on my intuition, principles and hard work.

Now, I am in the Production phase. I love it because I know I have to do some things before the Distribution phase and I want to enter it when I am truly ready. Of course, I am looking forward to the Distribution, meaning my career success and happy family, but I am content with where I am now. I know I have to learn new things, to define my career goals more specifically, to work. I have a strong feeling that I am doing it right this time, I will not be fussing around but will choose my path finally and will stick to it firmly. I know I will have more opportunities and see the greater plan unfolding for me once the tests are passed and I am ready. It will happen at the exact time and place because I will work hard and follow God as my greatest friend and guide.

This brilliant book also offers practical tips for understanding one’s true purpose, such as questions we can answer to understand in what period we are now. Not so long time ago, I was not sure I was going in the right direction and was not even sure that I had the right vision of what I wanted. I started asking God to help me to clean this mess and understand my purpose, to unveil it for me. This book confirmed my conclusions and gave me some new useful tools and questions. After my searches, talking to God, analyzing my life and going through these questions in the book, I see that my Big Idea has not shown up completely yet, but I am close to it. It is a great progress because I used to wander in the dark, just making wild guesses. I know that I want to have a career, to help people with my work, and to be an independent person. I also dream of finding my true soul mate, which will happen after I become this independent strong person. I know the direction I want to develop in and first steps on the way to my career. Next, I will have to learn and work, to keep faith, and as the result, I will see the next steps that I will have to undertake and will be given new opportunities as well as see the complete picture of the Big Idea. I know what questions to ask and how to read signs now.

This path is for brave people who are not afraid of standing up and showing themselves to the world. It is inevitable that one will face some misunderstanding or even discrimination. Speaking of me, I have often experienced confrontation. Many people found fault with me, teased, harassed me just because they felt I was different. They did not like I had my views and that I was not afraid to speak out. The only way out was to stand up for myself, stay honest and firm. It was mostly in my teenage years. I was never the first one to cause confrontation, but I never ran away from it. It just shaped my personality. Each time after such situations, I gained more confidence and respect for myself. The same is with inner clashes. Like every person, I had my doubts, I was ripped apart between some choices, I was not always sure if I did it right, even questioned my values. Each of these clashes, however, led me to the productive revaluation, in which everything unnecessary disappeared and only true values stayed. Thus, often, I felt that honesty, faith, hard work and integrity were rewarded by meeting good people, new opportunities, achieving academic, and career success.

Produced by Faith is an amazing inspirational book that can be a wonderful guidance in pursuing the life one wants, particularly choosing and building up a career. I found it very useful and uplifting, as it has helped me in my personal search for my Big Idea. It has helped me to realize what phase I am in and what I need to get to the next one. The book is a great example for those who strive to achieve success without compromising their beliefs, as it proves that only by opening up to God and being firm in one’s principles one can have new ways, opportunities, and tremendous results.

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