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For the most of us, the concept of faith is usually associated with God, religion, the church, etc. Apparently, this happens due to the fact that it is often used to emphasize a religious man or woman and their belief in God. However, the notion of faith is much broader. In fact, it concerns everyone, even those who have never heard such a word. After all, to believe or take something for granted means to recognize something as true. All of us either consciously or unconsciously believe in something. One believes in the power of money, the other – in the imminent end of the world or in life after death, in destiny defined by the God’s will, etc. In other words, faith is supposed to be the internal power of each person regardless of any external factors. The human brain is designed in such a way that we simply cannot behave differently. Each of us can learn to believe in things that do not exist and, vice versa, learn not to believe in the things that are real. It means that our world can be characterized by the relativity. Thus, everything can exist and become true depending on our relationship to the particular object or action.

Based on the expertise and inspiration received from the book Produced by Faith by DeVon Franklin, the following paper aims to provide the personal insight into the further career and life. The paper will discuss the personal ‘Big Idea’ necessary to achieve success without losing the personal true self. In addition, it will define the current stage of my life, as well as analyze the possible internal tensions between the life, career and faith.

DeVon Franklin’s Produced by Faith Inspiration

The book Produced by Faith by DeVon Franklin is supposed to be a quite influential and motivational tool for the great variety of people. In fact, the book is supposed to be Franklin’s exposition of his life and career, as well as the role of faith in his success. It is the story of an ordinary person who due to the enduring power of the personal faith managed to become the executive director of one of the most popular and famous movie companies. Being the middle child of the African American middle class family, DeVon had the unstoppable desire to find his true life destination, i.e. the mission that would bring him success without losing his true self. While comparing his personal life to the movie, DeVon Franklin tells the story of his success and motivates a variety of people to always believe in the movies of their lives, which can change the world. DeVon states that each individual should understand and respect the personal identity. Any fear of the failure can be repressed if a person has faith. The key message of the book implies the necessity to listen to the voice of heart and follow it no matter what the likelihood of the failure is. Similarly to movie character, each person may have ups and downs, but in the end, the hero always wins. It is claimed that each opportunity should be estimated based on the accordance with the individual’s faith. Just preserving the true self and having faith, the individual can find the path that will lead them to success and happiness.

Personal ‘Big Idea’

Based on DeVon Franklin’s approach towards the life and career, it can be stated that my personal Big Idea is to become a New York Times journalist. In fact, nowadays, everyone is familiar with the concept of journalist as the public profession. It refers to the people who are always involved in the most interesting events and activities. These people are always characterized by the complex of theoretical knowledge and expertise, as well as practical skills acquired as a result of special training or work experience. The journalists are obliged to recognize the interesting and useful information and events. They should see the facts, which can become the breaking news. The journalists should capture the connection between at the first glance disparate data, providing the clear picture to the citizens. However, a good journalist is not just a viewer of the news. He is supposed to be the key witness. Their main goal implies the truthful overview of what happening in the country and in the world. The ongoing transformation of the media structure is characterized by the inclusion of the new features that enhance the role of journalism in the modern world. It introduces the increased requirements for journalists and media workers. In fact, the modern world is characterized by the deployment of the democratic principles of the media functioning. It means that a journalist should be prepared to make the conscious choice of the specific position, characterized by a wide range of diverse publications and programs.

The abovementioned specific features and aspects of journalist’s occupation have made me understand that this occupation is supposed to be my life-long passion, as well as my destiny. The qualities that should be possessed by the representative of the journalistic profession clearly correspond to the ones I have. In fact, the personal and professional features of a good journalist can be viewed from the four perspectives, i.e. the natural characteristics, ideological positions, educational level and specific professional requirements. The natural characteristics include the innate tendency to observation, the keen interest in people and the world around them, the ability to excitingly talk about what they see, noting unnoticed details and other important factors. Often, these traits are manifested in people from an early age. Occupation of a journalist requires them to constantly develop and improve their skills. In addition, the inquisitive mind, as well as the ability to find the balanced analysis of foreign and native actions, seems to be my natural distinctive features. The natural communicative skills provide me with the ability to easily communicate with different people, as well as treat them with confidence and sense of humor.

The Current Stage of Life

Based on DeVon Franklin’s experience and advice described in Produce by Faith, I can state that currently my life and career are at the stage of development. This is indicated through the recent understanding of my true life-long passion. In fact, several months ago, I was completely unsure about my life-long goal. Everything seemed to be unclear, and the variety of the prospects scared me. The fear was supposed to be the key restricting force that stopped me from understanding my true self. However, it should be mentioned that DeVon Franklin’s book inspired me to search for more, as well as to analyze the personal strengths, values, desires and opportunities. In fact, DeVon Franklin claims that no one should do anything just because someone told them that they are supposed to. I especially liked his belief that each person should do everything that inspires them to grow personally and professionally, and to do their job with the perception of happiness. In fact, the main message perceived from the book implies that each person should do what he/she loves and love what he/she does as everything had been impossible until someone did it. It motivates me to go out of the comfort zone, i.e. to always search and learn for something new in order to find the real passion of the live. The key advice implies the necessity to push the personal limits and strive to be surrounded with the passionate people. I completely agree with the abovementioned advice and try to implement them on the daily basis. I believe that I will be ale to achieve the production and distribution stage as soon as possible. My faith will lead me to my goal similarly to the movie character.

The Tips to Overcome the Tensions between Faith and Career

Being the person with the strong faith, I sometimes still have had some tensions between the faith and career. At some points, there have been the moments when my faith, as well as the destiny, was influenced by the lack of the self-confidence and support of the relatives or friends. However, I have managed to overcome those difficulties and strengthen my faith. In fact, it should be stated that the formation of faith is influenced by the huge number of explicit and implicit factors that begin their influence on the individual’s subconscious since the moment of birth. Due to the faith, each person has its own interpretation of reality, i.e. the basis for certain decisions and ideas.

The following tips helped me to strengthen the faith:

  • I became surrounded by the people with the similar values. These people helped me to believe into myself and supported each of my initiatives.
  • I am always honest with myself and others. Self-confidence comes with good and sincere attitude to the world.
  • I believe that everything leads to the better. The acceptance of this fact has greatly increased my efficiency. I have realized that the present is supposed to be the result of my actions in the past. Thus, the acceptance of the full responsibility for everything that has happened in my life made me stronger.

The abovementioned proves that every person can be considered as the one who is developed by faith. It is just necessary to believe and follow the voice of the heart. The faith gives new strength, compensating the lack of knowledge or skills, and allows overcoming even the most difficult situations. The faith is supposed to be the foundation of the incredible achievements, making the impossible things become possible.

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