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Federalism and Republicanism

Separation of the Parties

Preconditions and main reasons of separation of Federalist and Republican parties as well as the ways political divisions followed social divisions will be considered in this essay. Initially, both these parties had significantly different manner and purposes of reigning, what has reflected on social life of the country. Both huge parties demanded equally high authority. Therefore, no wonder that the public life became imbued by tension of political confrontation. Moreover, it would not be possible for only one of the parties to govern the whole country. As Thomas Jefferson revealed to Gideon Granger, “the country is too large to have all its affairs directed by a single government” (as cited in “Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government”, n.d.).

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Concerning differences between federalism and republicanism, the key contrast lies in orientation of the parties’ policy. Federalism encouraged enrichment of the budget by all possible means and focused on governing as the mechanism of rules and laws. On the other hand, republicanism was more oriented at the nation’s life and sought for decisions that would ensure a better life for people, sometimes even neglecting needs of government as an apparatus. One of the most noticeable examples of Republicanism policy is quitting a lot of taxes by Thomas Jefferson.

Both Federalist and Republican parties had a lot of severe challenges solved and thus proved their availability to rule the country in different times. In the second half of the 18th century, it was unclear whether the Constitution was an effective plan for government and would allow establishing a strong economy and national government. Nevertheless, during the first twelve years under the new Constitution, Federalist party succeeded in establishing effective government and attracting new investments. Jefferson’s reigning, in its turn, was admitted with severe challenges of the foreign policy such as attacks of American shipping by North African pirates and conflict situations with Britain and France. Jefferson’s government failed to prevent the country from war with Britain, but it won this war. Americans not only managed to go through the war with the world’s strongest power, but also back it into corner .

As can be seen, both parties proved their opulence in governing the country. Therefore, they found a lot of adherents among the population.

Breaking Moment

In the 18th and 19th centuries, creation of new political parties had been developing unexpectedly. It involved voting population in politics. Having the right to vote, people supported different parties they believed would ensure stability and lead the country to the prosperity. Federalist and Republican parties were the most significant competitors among all others. The votes have been strengthening the parties’ political positions and their authority concerning internal and external governing. Voting involvement in those tough times was one of the main preconditions to the political consent. Country government depended not so much upon itself, but greatly upon the nation’s choice. As it has already been mentioned, one of key differences between the parties was governmental manner. It has also become one of key issues that separated these parties from the very beginning. People differentiated in views on politics and continued supporting their preferable parties by all possible means. According to the fact that citizens depended upon the parties to a great extent in those difficult times full of economical and foreign policy problems, they regarded sharply towards everything concerning their future. This caused social division and complicated sociopolitical situation in general, which also enforced the separation. Another key issue that furthered political and social separation was concerned the war. In late 1700s, partisans deepened in response to wars between Britain and French. Jeffersonians and Hamiltonians supported the French and the British respectively.

As one can see, involving voting into politics quickly gained determinant meaning. Separation of the parties had place due to different policy strategies, desire to get the countrywide authority, and using people’s support for that purpose. Differences in views on politic situations as well as war issues caused social separation. This all has happened because of very tough period for Americans since very much for them was at stake.

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