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The relationship among the individuals normally is formed at very young age. Most of the people start communicating with their fellows in the kindergarten. They are not aware of various approaches for communications, so they cooperate with the partners naturally. It is a true fact that the conditional relations cannot be achieved at once. It presupposes lasting debates as well as arguments. Moreover, the attitude towards the partner can also be inadequate. Accordingly, Sumathi Reddy investigates the relationship in the kindergarten. She sates that most of the kinds suffer from physical and relational aggression. The main topic of the article Little Children and Already Acting Mean is to demonstrate that the contemporary kinds can develop a biased attitude towards their friends even in the kindergarten. Consequently, the author claims that the relational aggression is closely related to physical one. She states that both types of the aggression reflect the children’s desire to be a leader in the group. Furthermore, the author states that relational aggression should be predicted with the help of parental involvement. The parents should communicate with their children as well as explain all necessary rules of behavior. The author wants to persuade the reader that the relational aggression can make a bad influence on the upcoming children’s future. In order to have a great impact on the reader the author uses relevant data to support her ideas. 

Taking into account the increase of the relational aggression in the kindergartens, the author uses the investigation of the psychologists, namely Jamie Ostrov, Charisse Nixon, Mark Barnett. What is more, Sumathi Reddy takes into consideration the not only the pschychological point of view but also the parental one. She uses claims that the children parents suggest concerning the mentioned problem. One should state that such truthful evidence can persuade the reader that the relational aggression exists. The author used a survey conducted by Dr. Nixon to make the evidence more profound and sufficient as well. The appliance of the survey data enables to understand that the information is valid and worth paying attention to. That why the author understands the importance of the strong evidence and used it as the best tool to persuade the reader. Furthermore, by using the psychological analysis she emphasizes her competence of the investigated issue. The bright example can be the statement of the psychologists about the core factors that influences the emergence of the relational aggression, namely sex, age, and mental health. Consequently, the author claims that every aspect of the mentioned problem should be analyzed.

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Despite such profound evidence, the article needs some additional explanation. One can admit that the author uses the surveys conducted by professional psychologists. Nevertheless, she only provides the overall information about the particular problem. The author does not demonstrate her personal attitude towards the problem. That is why the paper lacks subjective perspective. Moreover, the author does not analyze the problem in every aspect. That is to say that except the sex, age and mental factor there are other things that can cause the emergence. The great example can be the analysis of the relationship between teachers and children in the kindergarten. It can influence the behavior of the kids since the inappropriate treatment of the kids can impact the further mental behavior.

The contemporary psychology provides many investigations of the relational aggression. The perfect example can be the article published by Signe Whitson. 

Signe Whitson provides the investigation of the relational aggression in the correlation with bullying (Whitson 2015). She states that relational aggression is the core reason for the emergence of bullying. Initially, every pupil wants to be a leader and have the power to govern others. That is why they organize groups of supporters and start their campaign. They persuade others to act in accordance to their demands. Consequently, the group chooses the victim and starts bullying it. In fact, the process of bullying influences not only a victim by also the performers. The last ones become rude, indifferent and cruel. It means that in the future they will negatively be perceived the world. Accordingly, the author tries to persuade individuals that teachers can help to reduce the emergence of the relational aggression. They can conduct the lesson during which they can teach pupils how to behavior politely and decrease the negative attitudes towards the classmate. Another example of the current issue will be a conference that is going to take place in October 2015 (Relational Bullying Conference). The St. John’s University is holding a conference during with such issues as bullying in school settings, community activities, playgrounds. The core objective of the conference will be to detect the basic reason of the bullying. Moreover, the participant will discuss the alternative solutions of the mentioned problem. One may admit that the relational aggression as well as bullying is considered to be a quite considerable problem. That is why all the psychologies try to find out the perfect techniques that will enable to predict the appearance of the relational aggression as well as bullying.

After reading the articles about relational aggression in the kindergarten and in schools, I can admit that the relational aggression is the main factor that cause misunderstanding among children. It is absolutely true fact that there is a hierarchy in the society. That is to say ones prevail over the other. Some individuals govern the others. Consequently, the interrelation among such classes can be both positive and negative. The positive cooperation between the strongest and weakest can be based on the mutual understanding and support. The negative cooperation can be grounded on the relational aggression which appeared in the deep childhood. The evidence provided by Sumathi Reddy proves that this problem is quite remarkable since it influences the further development of people’s success. That is why one should pay much attention to it. The great challenge should be provided for teachers as well as parents. They can prevent the emergence of the aggression. By explaining the bad impact of aggression and supplying strong evidence, the child could distinguish between right and wrong behavior respectively.

To sum up, the problem of the conditional relationship is considered to be one of the most important ones. Many scholars spend years investigating the relationship between individuals. Nevertheless, there exist the factors that influence the negative relation in the group. Initially, it is relational aggression. This type of aggression emergences in the deep childhood. Following the physical development of the individuals the relational aggression presupposes biased treatment of other people. That is to say that the desire to prevail in the group leads to the conflicts. Consequently, Sumathi Reddy provides the investigation of the emergence of the relational aggression in the kindergarten. The author uses the scientific evidence to make the article more persuasive and profound. By applying the scientific data, the author enables to persuade the reader in the significance of the emergence of the relational aggression. However, the author lacks her personal point of view concerning the particular problem. It will be a good idea if the author analyzes the addition reason such as the impact of the teacher. It should be a great experience to investigate how the teacher’s treatment can cause the relational aggression and weather the teacher may prevent its appearance.

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