Concept Analysis of Comfort

The concept of comfort is crucial to the practice of nursing. Relieving discomfort and pain are considered crucial to good nursing practice. As a result, nurses are evaluated based on their ability to make the patient mentally and physically comfortable. Currently, health practitioners are... Read more >>

Ethical Egoism

The basic idea of ethical egoism is that all human actions have selfish motives, and there is no logical reason for being altruistic. Ethical egoism is different from rational egoism, which requires higher logical targets for human actions. It appears that ethical egoism might conflict with the... Read more >>

Human Growth and Development

The physical development of infants starts from the head and then goes to the rest of the body. For instance, they begin sitting and walking after sucking. Physical growth relates to an increase in the body size (height, weight and the size of organs). Specialists have... Read more >>

Celebrities Influence on Young Generation

Together with TV, our lives have been captivated by a huge mass of various celebrities: rich, successful, and beautiful people. Every day, people have the possibility to look at the "behind the screen" stars, admiring some... Read more >>

Girl at War: How History Can Shape a Personality

People never think of war until they experience it. Even if they see the war on television or hear about it from their friends, they cannot penetrate its meaning deep enough to feel all its peculiarities and comprehend all those horrible events... Read more >>

How And By Whom, Should Children Be Taught Appropriate Behavior?

All people live in a society which requires particular behavior. Children are taught appropriate behavior in different ways and by different people. Some argue that school has a primary duty to teach children how to act properly, and others think it is a duty of parents... Read more >>