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Using Wireless Mesh Networks to Communicate During Crisis

Cognitive Bias Toward Disaster Preparedness

Pragmatically, disaster preparedness requires the parties concerned to remain alert in every respect. All the necessary gadgets for responding these catastrophic events must monitor every time. For instance, the communication department needs to ensure that their wireless mesh networks are operational. Moreover, they must guarantee the availability of alternative sources of communication that the people must access in the event of a disaster. In fact, operating on this dangerous belief only paves the way for the people to suffer most when a disaster occurs. The argument implies that the failure to ensure that communication gadgets remain operational is likely to accelerate probability of disaster occurrence. Consequently, the magnitude of the impact of such catastrophic event increases. For example, when people fail to remain ready for the possibility of fire, its outbreak can lead to many deaths. Fire spreads out very quickly, and the only way to reduce its effect is by communicating the occurrence promptly. Therefore, the presence of the communication gadgets proves significant to alleviating the disaster-related effects. According to Paton and McClure, people stand a chance of experiencing several benefits, as a result, of implementing proper disaster awareness techniques. Some of the issues that the authors isolate include sensitizing people regarding disaster awareness, developing household and community emergency plans, and discussing the issues around the proper storage of the facilities likely enhance disaster occurrence. The ideas suggest the significance of people understanding the likelihood of risk taking place. Living without the concept regarding the possibility of risk taking place is likely to make people disregard the chance of such events occurring. As a result, the impact of such disasters like flood and fire can be catastrophic. Therefore, the need for disaster preparedness remains paramount since it proves the only way to alleviating the disaster-related pain.

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Following such occurrence, it remains compulsory having proper communication systems in any organization or the households. Timely communication proves the only way to respond any disaster and reduce its impact. Focusing on the household, many people should ensure that they install communication gadgets in their apartment to assist in the event of any disaster. Moreover, the necessity for performing regular checks regarding these communication systems is immeasurable. It proves of significance inviting technicians to service and ascertain the conditions of these materials often. The procedure aims at ensuring that the communication systems remain available for any emergency service. However, people do fail to acknowledge the need for such processes in ensuring their own safety. They tend to become cautious when some disaster takes place but then relax afterward. Logically, none knows the time that any catastrophic event can take place. Therefore, remaining prepared to communicate any suspected or actual happening proves the only way to counteract or reduce its impact.

The scenario shows the need for preparing people for any incident that suggests anything concerning disaster occurrence. Even though cognitive bias is something that exists, it should not hinder the possibility of individuals evading any form of disaster. The above incident could be, as a result, of many people lacking training regarding disaster preparedness. The assumption is something that should not obscure people from being safe of a dangerous event. These people should consider self-worth before disregarding any action or movement that suggests anomalies. The first think that one should do is to become cautious of any strange behavior that takes place around them. For instance, people moving helter-skelter could be suggesting any unusual happening in the city. Likewise, the magnitude or the number of sirens in the environment can be an indication of something disastrous taking place. Consequently, one must be worry and seek for an immediate solution rather than assume it and continue with their work.

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Mesh Networking

The possible mitigation measure is by engaging technicians to monitor these topologies with the aim of ensuring no interference with communication every time. However, it remains vital considering that there are some disadvantages of the star network that only the mesh network can overcome. For instance, the range limitation to the transmission range of a single device is likely to cause problems in communicating any form of disaster. Additionally, its inability to route around radio frequency obstacles in the presence of network interference or interruption remain a challenge. As a result, the desire to substitute this topology with the mesh network proves necessary. Installing the mesh network can be of significance in reducing these problems especially in such geographical locations prone to network interference. The mesh networking topology has the capability of satisfying the need for long-range and broad area coverage. Since the network can scale up to thousands of nodes, it can provide a high density of coverage. It uses a broad assortment of sensors and actuating devices that ensure its effectiveness in these areas of high RF. Apparently, the use of mesh networking topology reduces the chances of communication failing in the event of a disaster. However, the likelihood of replacing the traditional electrical lines with the mesh network can be expensive. Therefore, there remains the need to adjust to these connections since their expenses are far less compared to the cost of a catastrophic disaster. This observation, thus, necessitates the need for prevention rather than waiting to incur losses resulting from these catastrophic events. The change can only become plausible if people remain optimistic by understanding the significance of installing this system.

Acceptance of Mesh Networking for Disaster Preparedness

Firechat is a mobile app that uses the wireless mesh networking topology to connect different smartphones. The connection occurs via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework. It operates by allowing peer-to-peer connection without the need for the availability of the internet. Since the App has enabled communication during civil protests, it can facilitate the passage of information during catastrophic events. Since the systems do not require network connectivity, it obscuring communication during times of disaster tend to impossibility. However, many people have not yet recognized the importance of using these devices in communicating vital information like the one regarding the disasters. Instead, people use them for entertainment, especially by sending music and videos via Bluetooth. Others use then to listen to music stored in their mobile gadgets. This behavior shows the need to sensitize people on the need to recognize the use of the networking systems beyond the entertainment purposes. The best way to realize the vision is by engaging the social media platforms and other media sources in passing the information to people. The process is likely to acquaint people with necessary knowledge relevant regarding disaster response.

Furthermore, commotion wireless proves another essential network connection that people need to understand its application in communication. The system refers to an open-source wireless mesh networking. The commotion wireless design allows it to support electronic communication. Moreover, it relies on several open sources like OpenWrt and Serval project projects among others. The system also proves appropriate for enhancing communication, especially during the times of disaster. The only challenge is the possibility that many people do not prioritize using this technology such purposes. As a result, they require some sensitization aimed at making them appreciate the use of these devices during the disaster times.

Finally, despite the trend of the increasing number of the people adopting new technology in communication during a disaster, the number of the individuals not applying the technology remains high. Most of them prefer using these devices to serve other purposes like entertainment rather than communication. This observation necessitates the desire to make all people aware of the importance using the technology during the disaster period. The ability of the mesh networking topology to surmount the problem high RF makes it advisable for the disaster communication purposes. Therefore, people need to use them create awareness when any catastrophe happens to allow a timely response. Their advantage of allowing communication to time place even in places with no internet coverage qualifies them as better devices for passing information. Even though disasters like floods and earthquakes can happen with a second, those who survive the menace can pass information to enable their rescue. The mesh wireless networks can allow communication to occur even in taller buildings, thus, explaining their worth in promoting people’s safety during disaster periods.


The need to apply wireless mesh network proves significant if people aim at reducing the effects of the disaster, as a result, of the poor communication network. The traditional electrical communication network uses the star network which suffers from various drawbacks including network failure. This behavior necessitates the desire for installing advanced network systems that can provide the solution to the network problem. It is following such limitation that the installation of the wireless mesh networks proves essential. This network topology provides solutions to the problem of high RF and the need for wide area coverage. Installing the mesh network can be of significance in reducing these problems especially in such geographical locations prone to network interference. The mesh networking topology has the capability of satisfying the need for long-range and broad area coverage.


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